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BSc Subjects Combination, Sargodha University

Subjects Combination for BSc Candidates of University of Sargodha

Every candidate shall be required to offer English Language Compulsory carrying 100 marks  (Islamiyat /Ethics Compulsory 60 marks & Pakistan Studies Compulsory 40 marks) and any one of the following groups of subjects. Every subject in each of the groups shall carry 200 marks.

The students who take up Chemistry / Mathematics with Psychology at B.Sc. level shall not be admitted  to the M.Sc. classes in Chemistry / Mathematics.

  1. BSc candidates shall select 3 subjects according to combinations subjects given below:-
  2. Physics, Mathematics (General) and Chemistry.
  3. Physics, Mathematics (General) and Statistics.
  4. Physics, Mathematics (General) and Space Science
  5. Physics, Mathematics (General) and Geology
  6. Physics, Mathematics (General) and Geography
  7. Physics, Mathematics (General) and applied Psychology/Psychology.
  8. Physics, Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics
  9. Physics, Statistics and applied Psychology/Psychology.
  10. Physics, Chemistry and Statistics
  11. Physics, Mathematics (General) and Computer Studies
  12. Physics, Chemistry and Computer Studies
  13. Chemistry, Economic and Geography
  14. Chemistry, Botany and Computer Studies
  15. Chemistry, zoology and Computer Studies
  16. Botany, Chemistry and Geography
  17. Botany, Chemistry and Statistics
  18. Botany, Chemistry and Geology
  19. Botany, Zoology and Computer Studies
  20. Zoology, Chemistry and Botany
  21. Zoology, Chemistry and Geography
  22. Zoology, Chemistry and Statistics
  23. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Statistics and Geography
  24. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Mathematics (General) and Geography
  25. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Chemistry and Zoology
  26. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Statistics and Home Economics
  27. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Mathematics (General) and Home Economics
  28. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Chemistry and Home Economics
  29. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Geography and Home Economics
  30. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Botany and Zoology
  31. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Physics and Chemistry
  32. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Botany and Geography
  33. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Chemistry and Geography
  34. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Zoology and Geography
  35. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Chemistry and Botany
  36. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Statistics and Economics
  37. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Mathematics (General) and Computer Studies
  38. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Geography and Computer Studies
  39. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Statistics and Mathematics (General)
  40. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Statistics and Geography
  41. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Statistics and Home Economics
  42. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Geography and Economics
  43. Statistics, Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics
  44. Statistics, Mathematics (General) and Space Science
  45. Statistics, Mathematics (General) and Applied Psychology/Psychology
  46. Statistics, Economics and Geography
  47. Statistics, Economics and Computer Studies
  48. Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Space Science
  49. Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Economics
  50. Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Computer Studies
  51. Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics
  52. Mathematics (General), Geography and Economics
  53. Mathematics (General), Geography and Statistics
  54. Mathematics (General) Chemistry and Computer Studies
  55. Mathematics (General), Statistics and Computer Studies
  56. Mathematics (General), Economics and Computer Studies
  57. Mathematics (General), Statistics and Economics
  58. Geography, Geology and Space Science
  59. Geography, Statistics and Space Science
  60. Geography, Botany and Zoology
  61. Geography, Geology and Botany
  62. Geography, Geology and Zoology
  63. Geography, Economics and Computer Studies
  64. Geology, Chemistry and Zoology
  65. Geology, Chemistry and Physics
  66. Geology, Chemistry and Geography
  67. Aero Science, Physics and Mathematics (General

 In addition to the above combination of subjects, a student may offer Computer Studies with any two science elective subjects to get the B.Sc. Degree.

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