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Syllabus – University of Sargodha

Social Work Syllabus for BA / BSc level sargodha university

Syllabus SOCIAL WORK (ELECTIVE) APPENDIX ‘A’ (Outlines of Tests) SHCEME OF STUDIES  Paper ‘A’:             Pakistani Society – Its needs and Problems                                  75 Marks Paper ‘B’:             Social Work – Theory and Practice:                                                              75 Marks Practical:              (Field Work Practical) Evaluation                                                               50 Marks Grant Total:        200 Marks  Objectives:-                 The objectives of the B.A course in Social Work are as under:- To ... Read More »

International Relations Syllabus for BA / BSc level sargodha university

Syllabus International Relations as Elective Subject at B.A./B.Sc. Level  (w.e.f. 2005-2007 session) International Relations shall be offered as an elective subject of 200 marks in BA/BSc examinations. It shall be comprised of two papers each of 100 marks. Following are the out-lines/contents of this course along with the core and the suggested books:  PAPER A:         INTRODUCTION TO International Relations  CONTENTS: ... Read More »

Syllabus BA / BSc Sargodha University

Syllabus for BA / BSc Students of University of Sargodha. Syllabus Compulsory Subjects  for BA /BSc  English Islamic Studies Ethics Pakistan Studies Syllabus Elective  Subject for  BA/BSc Pure  Mathematics Applied  Mathematics Chemistry Physics Arabic Education International  Relations Psychology Geography English(Literature) Health & Physical Education History Statistics Persian Punjabi Social Work Urdu Computer  Science Sociology Home  Economics Journalism Philosophy Applied  Psychology Political  ... Read More »

Syllabus – University of Sargodha

BA / BSc MA / MSc B.Ed M.Ed B.Com M.Com BS LLB MBA (Executive) MBA (3.5 Years) Diploma in Physical Education  Doctor of Physical Therapy Pharm-D Bachelor of Fine Arts  Advance Diploma in Clinical Psychology Read More »