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Date Sheet for LLM, MSCS, M.Phil Programs 1st and 2nd Term 2016 Sargodha University

University of Sargodha Date Sheet for LLM, MSCS, M.Phil Programs 1st & 2nd Term 2016

University of Sargodha (uos)1st Term Date Sheet Download

Day & Date Subjects Code & Paper
27-09-2016 Tuesday LLM LLM-701: Research Methodology
M.Phil Botany BOT-701: Advanced Techniques in Molecular Biology BOT-702: Advanced Plant Ecology
M.Phil Chemistry CHEM-703: Chromatographic Techniques-I
M.Phil English ENG-701: General Linguistics
M.Phil Mathematics MATH-706: Graph Theory
M.Phil Zoology ZOL-703: Advances in Molecular Biology
ZOL-745: Helminthology
M.Phil Education EDUMP-701: Research Methods in Education
M.Phil Islamic Studies ISL-901: Uloom-UL-Quran
M.Phil Urdu URD-701: Tehqeeq-O-Tadveen Kay Asool
M.Phil Pharmaceutics PHP-701: Advanced Pharmaceutics
M.Phil Pharmacology PHG-701: Advanced General Pharmacology
MS(CS) CS-5641: Advanced Operating System
CS-5111: Advance Theory of Computation
28-09-2016 Wednesday LLM LLM-706: Company /Corporate Law
LLM-716: Islamic Law
LLM-720: Law of Evidence
M.Phil Botany BOT-703: Advanced Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
BOT-719: Fermentation Technology
M.Phil Chemistry CHEM-704: Spectroscopic Techniques-I
M.Phil English ENG-702: Critical Theory
M.Phil Mathematics MATH-712: Fixed Point Theory
M.Phil Zoology ZOL-705: Economic Zoology
ZOL-749: Entomology-I
M.Phil Education EDUMP-702: Statistics in Education
M.Phil Islamic Studies ISL-902: Hadith and Uloom-UL-Hadith
M.Phil Urdu URD-702: Intiqaad-E-Adaab Rujhanaat Aur Tareeqaqar
M.Phil Pharmaceutics PHP-705: Pharmaceutical Microbiology
M.Phil Pharmacology PHG-703: Advanced Chemotherapy
29-09-2016 Thursday LLM LLM-711: Constitutional Law of Pakistan
M.Phil Botany BOT-710: Biosystematics
M.Phil Chemistry CHEM-705: Chemistry of Main Group Elements
M.Phil English ENG-703: Research Methodology
M.Phil Mathematics MATH-731: Convex Analysis
M.Phil Zoology ZOL-716: Parasitology-II
ZOL-744: Vector Biology
M.Phil Education EDUMP-703: Instrument Development and Data Analysis
M.Phil Islamic Studies ISL-903: Research Methodology
M.Phil Urdu URD-703: Tadrees-E-Tareekh Aur Adbi Tareekh Naveesi
M.Phil Pharmaceutics PHP-707: Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics-I
M.Phil Pharmacology PHG-705: Advanced Immunopharmacology
30-09-2016 Friday M.Phil Botany BOT-713: Economic Botany
M.Phil Chemistry CHEM-707: Medicinal Uses of Transition Metals/ Inorganic Compounds
M.Phil English ENG-705: Romantic Literature
ENG-706: Sociolinguistics
M.Phil Mathematics MATH-767: Advance Numerical Analysis
M.Phil Education EDUMP-704: Policy Studies
M.Phil Islamic Studies ISL-911: Comparative Analysis of International Religion
M.Phil Urdu URD-704: Tahqeeq-O-Tadveen Kay Frogh Mein Adbi Jaraid Ka Kirdar
M.Phil Pharmaceutics PHP-709: Pharmaceutical Marketing
M.Phil Pharmacology PHG-709: Research Methodology
03-10-2016 Monday M.Phil Education EDUMP-705: Computer in Education
M.Phil Urdu URD-705: Fun-E-Tarjuma Nigari, Riwayat Aur Masayl

2nd Term Date Sheet Download

Day & Date Subjects Code & Paper
04-10-2016 Tuesday
LLM LLM-702: Administrative Law
LLM-710: Comparative Study of Islamic and Western Jurisprudence
LLM-705: Commercial / Business Law
LLM-706: Company / Corporate Law
M.Phil English ENG-707: Applied Linguistics
M.Phil Education EDUMP-710: Instructional Leadership and Supervision (B-I)
EDUMP-706: Introduction to Assessment and Evaluation
M.Phil Islamic Studies ISL-905: Tafseer-UL-Quran (Matan)
M.Phil Urdu URDU-706: Tahqee-O-Tadveen Amli Aitlaqi
M.Phil Pharmaceutics PHP-702: Pharmaceutical Technology
M.Phil Pharmacology PHG-702: Advanced Applied Pharmacology
MS(CS) CS-5240: Advanced Computer Architecture
CMP-772: Machine Learning
05-10-2016 Wednesday LLM LLM-712: Criminology
LLM-720: Law of Evidence
LLM-711: Constitutional Law of Pakistan
M.Phil English ENG-708: Modern Literature
M.Phil Education EDUMP-711: Educational Planning and Management (B-II)
EDUMP-707: Test Theories and Design
M.Phil Islamic Studies ISL-906: Study of Hadith (Mutala Hadith)
M.Phil Urdu URDU-707: Lisaniyat and Asloobiyat
M.Phil Pharmaceutics PHP-706: Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics-II
M.Phil Pharmacology PHG-704: Advanced Biochemical and Immunological Techniques
MS(CS) CS-6442:Information Retrieval
06-10-2016 Thursday LLM LLM-716: Islamic Law
LLM-703: Alternate Dispute Resolution
LLM-719: Law and Society in South Asia
M.Phil English ENG-710: Post Colonial Literature
M.Phil Education EDUMP-713:Human Resource Management in Education (B-IV)
EDUMP-708: Test Construction and Standardization
M.Phil Islamic Studies ISL-907: Islam and Orientalists
ISL-914: Arabic Language and Literature
M.Phil Urdu URDU-708: Tanqeed Amali aur Aitlaqi
M.Phil Pharmaceutics PHP-708: Biostatistics
M.Phil Pharmacology PHG-706: Advanced Neuropharmacology
07-10-2016 Friday M.Phil English ENG-712: Text and Discourse Analysis
M.Phil Islamic Studies ISL-908: Seerat
M.Phil Urdu URDU-709: Urdu main Ghalib Aur Iqbal Shanasi Ki Riwayat
URDU-910: Jadeed Zray Iblaagh Urdu Zuban-O-Adab
M.Phil Pharmaceutics PHP-710: Research Methodology
M.Phil Pharmacology PHG-708: Biostatistics

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