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Datesheet Pharm D, MEd, M.Com, ADCP, DPE 1st Annual Examination 2016 and B.Com 2nd Annual Examination 2016 Sargodha University

University of Sargodha Datesheet Pharm D, MEd, M.Com, ADCP, DPE 1st Annual Examination 2016 and B.Com 2nd Annual Examination 2016

University of Sargodha (uos)

Pharm D, MEd, M.Com, ADCP, DPE1st Annual Examination 2016 and B.Com 2nd Annual Examination 2016 to be held in December 2016– January 2017

Time          2:00 pm to 05:00 pm WRITTEN EXAMINATION

Note: Candidates must keep their Original National Identity Card and Roll No. Slip with them during the course of Examination failing which they would not be allowed to take the Examination.

Date & Day Programme / Year Paper No. Paper Title


B.Com Part I I BC-301   Business Statistics & Mathematics
DPE I Philosophical Basis of Physical Education & Recreation
ADCP I Neurophysiology
M.COM Part II I Operations & Production Management
Pharm D 1stProf I Pharmaceutical  Chemistry – I  (Organic)
Pharm D 2nd Prof I Pharmaceutics  – II (Pharmaceutical Preparations) (Old Scheme)
I Pharmaceutics II (Dosage Form Science) (New Scheme)
Pharm D 3rd Prof I Pathology
Pharm D 4th  Prof I Pharmaceutics  IV   (Hospital  Pharmacy )
Pharm D Final Prof I Pharmaceutics  Chemistry – III (Medicinal Chemistry )


B.Com Part II I BC-401   Advanced Financial Accounting
MED I MED:601   Philosophy of Education  (Old Course)

Paper :01  Research Methods in Education (New Course)

M.COM Part I I Principles of Marketing & Fundamentals of  Management      I


B.Com Part I II BC-302 Computer Applications in Business
DPE II Movement Education (Basic Concepts)
ADCP II Psycho- Diagnosis & Assessment
M.COM Part II II Industrial & Management Accounting
Pharm D 1stProf II Pharmaceutical  Chemistry – II (Biochemistry)
Pharm D 2nd Prof II Pharmacology and Therapeutics – I  (Old Scheme)
II Pharmacology and Therapeutics – I (New Scheme)
Pharm D 3rd Prof II Pharmacology and Therapeutics – II
Pharm D 4th  Prof II Pharmaceutics V(Clinical Pharmacy – I)
Pharm D Final Prof II Pharmaceutics IX(Clinical Pharmacy -II)


B.Com Part II II BC-402 Auditing
MED II MED:602   Educational Psychology and Guidance (Old Course)

Paper  02  Educational Planning and Management (New Course)

M.COM Part I II Quantitative Techniques in Business


B.Com Part I III BC-303 Economics
DPE III Basic Anatomy and Physiology
ADCP III Therapeutic Interventions
M.COM Part II III Organization Behaviour & Human Resource Management
Pharm D 1st Prof III Pharmaceutics – I  (Physical Pharmacy)
Pharm D 2nd Prof III Pharmacognosy – I  (Old Scheme)
III Pharmacognosy – I (Basic) (New Scheme)
Pharm D 3rd Prof III Pharmacognosy – II
Pharm D 4th  Prof III Pharmaceutics VI(Industrial Pharmacy)
Pharm D Final Prof III Pharmaceutical Technology



B.Com Part II III BC-403 Business Communication and Report Writing
MED III MED:603 History of Education( Historical Development of Education) (Old Course)

Paper: 03   Curriculum Development (New Course)

M.COM Part I III Financial Management


B.Com Part I IV BC-304 Financial Accounting
DPE IV Science of Track & Field
ADCP IV Psycho- Pharmacology
M.COM Part II IV Introduction of E – Commerce
Pharm D 1stProf IV Physiology
Pharm D 2nd Prof IV Pharmaceutical Microbiology   (Old Scheme)
IV Pharmaceutics – III (Pharmaceutical Microbiology & Immunology)  (New Scheme)
Pharm D 3rd Prof IV Pharmaceutics – III (Dispensing and community Pharmacy  )
Pharm D 4th  Prof IV Pharmaceutics  VII ( Biopharmaceutics )
Pharm D Final Prof IV Forensic Pharmacy
MED IV MED:604  Educational Testing, Measurement, and Assessment(Old Course)

Paper:04 Instruction Technology and Computer Applications in Education (New Course)



M.COM Part I IV Business Communication
B.Com Part II IV BC-404 Business Law
MED V MED:605  Research Methods in Education (Old Course)

Paper: 05  Education in Pakistan (New Course)



B.Com Part I V BC-305 Functional English
DPE V Theory of Games
ADCP V Child Development and Psychopathology
M.COM Part II V Business Research Methods
Pharm D 1stProf V Anatomy  & Histology
Pharm D 2nd Prof V Pakistan Studies and Islamiyat    (Comp)   (Old Scheme)
V Pakistan Studies and Islamiyat    (Comp)   (New Scheme)
Pharm D 3rd Prof V Pharmaceutical Chemistry – II (Instrumentation )
Pharm D 4th  Prof V Pharmaceutics  VIII (Pharmaceutical Quality Management )
Pharm D Final Prof V Pharmaceutical Management & Marketing


M.COM Part I V Managerial Economics
B.Com Part II V BC-405 Business Taxation
DPE VI Sports Psychology
ADCP VI Advance Research Methods in Clinical Research
MED VI MED:606   Educational Administration        (Old Course)

Paper: 06   Philosophy of Education (New Course)



B.Com Part I VI BC-306 Introduction to Business
M.COM Part II VI Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
X Advanced Auditing
Pharm D 1stProf VI English
Pharm D 2nd Prof VI Pharmacy Practice – I (Pharmaceutical Mathematics and Biostatistics) (New Scheme)
Pharm D Final Prof VI Computer and its Applications in Pharmacy
MED VII MED:607  Curriculum Development      (Old Course)

Paper: 07  Human Resource Management  (New Course)



M.COM Part I VI Accounting for Decision Making
B.Com Part II VI BC-406 Cost Accounting
MED VIII MED:608   Instructional  Technology    (Old Course)

Paper: 08  Guidance and Counseling  (New Course)



B.Com Part I VII BC-307 Money, Banking & Finance
M.COM Part II VII International Finance
XI Advanced Accounting
MED IX,XII MED:609   Educational Law  (Old Course)


MED:612   Counseling Techniques (Old Course)

Paper: 09   Sociology of Education (New Course)



B.Com Part II VII BC-407 Economics of Pakistan
M.COM Part I VII Management Information System
MED X,XIII MED:610 Educational Planning and Financing (Old Course)


MED:613   Educational and Vocational Guidance (Old Course)

Paper: 10   Institutional Improvement (New Course)



B.Com Part I VIII BC-308 Islamic Studies/ (Ethical Behavior in lieu of Islamic Studies for Non-Muslim Students )
M.COM Part II VIII Commercial Bank Management
XII Financial Statement  Analysis
MED XI,XIV MED:611   Human Resource Management (Old Course)


MED:614   Assessment and Evaluation in Guidance (Old Course)

Paper: 11   Human Development and Learning (New Course)



B.Com Part II VIII BC-408 Pakistan Studies
M.COM Part II IX Corporate Finance
XIII Accounting Information System




MED: 616   Educational Supervision (Old Course)


MED: 617   Guidance & Counseling (Old Course)

Paper: 12   History of Education (New Course)



MED XIII Paper: 13   Comparative Education (New Course)

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