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List of Colleges Affiliated With University of Sargodha

List of Colleges Affiliated  With University of Sargodha

Updated list of Sargodha University Affiliated Colleges available at this link.

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Sr.# Name of Affiliated College and Address Type of College Public / Private Nomenclature of Degree Program Offered
1. Government Post Graduate College for Women, Chandni Chowk, Block No. 2, Sargodha. Ph: 048-33710400, 3703323 Public BS (4 years)
(Eng, Eco, Chem, History, Urdu, Isl, IT, Psy, Edu) M.A (Isl)
2. Government College for Women, Farooq Colony Sargodha 048-9230600 Public BA/B.Sc
3. Government College for Women, Sillanwali,
District Sargodha. Ph: 048-6532173, 03437471001, 048-
Public B.A, B.Sc
4. Government College for Women, Sahiwal, District Sargodha. Ph: 048-6786837 Public B.A, B.Sc
5. Government College for Women, Chak No. 36-SB, Sargodha. Ph: 048-3821452 Public B.A, B.Sc
6. Government College for Women, Block No. 2, Near Govt Girls High School Bhalwal District Sargodha. Ph: 048- 6644347 Public B.A/B.Sc
7. Government College (Boys), Shahpur Saddar, District Sargodha.
Ph: 048-6310527, 0300-6076683
Public B.A/B.Sc
8. Government College (Boys), Bhalwal, District
Sargodha.  Ph:  048-6644620,  0300-6062338,048-6644820
Public B.A, B.Sc
9. Government College (Boys), Sillanwali, District Sargodha. Ph: 532051 Public B.A, B.Sc
10. Government Ambala Muslim College, Kot Farid Road, Sargodha  Ph:  048-9239000,3710426 Public BS (4 years)
(Eng, Phy, Math, Chem, Urdu, Isl, History, IT)
11. Government College, 90-SB, Sargodha. 048-3217544 Public B.A, B.Sc
12. Government College (Boys), Sillanwali Road, Farooka, Sargodha. Ph: 048-6788422, 0343-4234512 Public B.A, B.Sc
13. Government College for Women, Bhagtanwala, District Sargodha.
Ph: 048-3780343, 0321-6008414
Public B.A/BSc
14. Al-Suffah College for Women, 5-A-C, Khyaban-e-Sadiq, Sargodha. Ph: 048-3224643, 048-3216733, 0300-6040670 Private B.A/BSc, MA (Eco, Isl, Eng)
15. Government College for Women, Farooqa, District Sargodha.
Ph: 048-6788572, 0300-9605621
Public B.A, B.Sc
16. Government Degree College (Boys),   Bhagtanwala, District Sargodha. Ph: 048-3787323, 03008834530 Public B.A/BSc
17. ACME College of Excellence, Faisalabad Road, Sargodha. Ph: 048-3223398, 3223682-83 Private B.A/B.Sc, B.Com, BBA, BS (Eng, Eco) M.Com, M.A (Eng)
18. Government College for Women, Shahpur Saddar, District Sargodha. Ph: 048-9239126, 0343-7467549, 0486310955 Public B.A, B.Sc
19. Government Post Graduate College, Jauharabad. Ph: 0454-920041, 0333-6812302, 0333-6810778 Public B.A/B.Sc,
M.A (Urdu, Pol. Sc, English, Eco) and BBA
20. Government Institute of Commerce, Kallur Kot, District Bhakkar. Ph: 0453-200929, 0331-6802970 Public B.Com
21. Oriental College of Arts, 36-L, MM Alam Road Gulberg-II, Lahore. Private B. Fine Arts, B. Architecture, B.Graphic Design, B.Textile Design
22. Government Degree College (Boys), Naushera, District, Khushab. Ph: 0454-610219, 0300-8171978 Public B.A,B.Sc
& B.Com
23. Government Institute of Commerce, Litten Koria Road, Shaffi Colony, Mankera, District, Bhakkar. Ph: 0453-410419, 0453-410442,  0333-8902626 Public Ext = B.Com
24. Government College for Women, Near Railway Station, Darya Khan,  District Bhakkar. Ph: 0453-253579, 0333- 6177799 Public B.A/B.Sc,
M.A (Islamiat)
25. Government Degree College for Boys, Darya Khan, District Bhakkar. Ph: 0453-923011, 03336845949 Public B.A/B.Sc
26. Government Post Graduate College, Khansar Chowk, Darya Khan Road, Bhakkar.
Ph: 0453-9200022, 0332-513861
Public B.A/B.Sc,
M.A (Islamiat,
Pol. Sc, Math, Eng, urdu, Phy Edu)
27. Government College (Boys), Jandanwala, District   Bhakkar. Ph: 0453-440709, 0301-4224453, 0346-7940088,
0303-, 7940088
Public B.A/BSc
28. Government Degree College for Women, Kallur Kot, District, Bhakkar.
Ph: 0453-200783, 0300-7955313 (Mr. Tariq)
Public B.A/Bsc, M.A (Eng, Urdu, Pol Sc)
29. Millat College, Samanabad Toba Road, Jhang. Ph: 047-4623200, 0332-7623200 Private B.A/BSc, M.A/MSc (Zoology, Mass Com, Pak St, Eco, Psy, Urdu, Sociology, Eng, Phy Edu, IT, Chemistry), JDPE, B.Ed/M.Ed, M.Phil (Eng, Isl, Urdu, Edu)
30. Government Institute of Commerce Boys, Bhalwal, District Sargodha. Ph: 048-6644860, 0333-6771562 Public B.Com
31. Punjab College of Science, 2-Khayaban-e-Saddiq, Sargodha. Ph: 048-3213526, Private B.A/B.Sc, MA/MSc (Eng, Chem)
32. Government Institute of Commerce for Women,   House No. 27, Dera Khan Zaman , Near MCB, PAF Road, Mianwali. Ph: 0459-231029, 0459-237109 Public B.Com
33. Lahore College of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
18-KM Lahore Rai Wind Road, PO Raiwan, Lahore. Ph: 042- 5330035-7,
Private Pharm-D, M.Phil (Pharmacy, Pharmacology), MBA, DPT
34. Government Degree College for Boys, Quaidabad District Khushab. Ph: 0454-770871, 0321-4730647 Public B.A
35. Government College for Women, Quaidabad District Khushab. Ph: 0454-880092, 0332-7660512 Public B.A
36. Government College for Women,  Naushera, VPO Naushera, District Khushab.
Ph: 0454-610313, 0454-510219, 0300-8171978
Public B.A, B.Sc
37. Government Degree College for Boys, Kallur Kot, District Bhakkar.
Ph: 0453-200933, 0301-7950790
Public B.A/BSc, M.A (Phy, Urdu, Pak St, Isl, Math, Eco, Eng)
38. Government College of Commerce for Boys
Mianwali. Ph: 0459-920114, 0306-3967363, 0301-7804180
Public M.Com/B.Com
39. Elite College of Management Sciences, 49-A Satellite Town, Gujranwala.
Ph: 055-3250150, 055-8203481.
Private B.A/BSc, B.Com, M.Com,
M.A (Eng), MBA, BBA
40. Iqra College of Education. 3-University Road, Sargodha. Ph: 048-3221569, 3213192, 0300-6056320 Private B.Ed, M.Ed
41. Orient College of Commerce, Darya Khan Road, Bhakkar. Ph: 0453-515889, 0346-7873802, Private B.Com, B.Ed/M.Ed, BA/BSc NP
42. Iqra Girls College, 3-University Road, Sargodha Ph: 048-3213192, 3221569 Private B.A, B.Sc, B.Com
M.Com, M.A (Eng, Eco, Mass Com, Psychology, Urdu, Isl, Sociology), JDPE, BS (Psy, Eng, Math), MSc (IT)
43. Government College for Women, 98-NB, Sargodha. Ph: 048- 3822717,  0306-6730767 Public B.A
44. Jinnah Institute of Management Sciences, District Complex Road, Layyah Ph: 0606-411876, 0333-4722757 Private B.Com, M.A (Eng, Eco)
45. Government College of Commerce for Boys,   Bhakkar. Ph: 0453-9200120, 0301-7954821, 9200210,
Public B.Com and M.Com
46. Government College for Women, Block 23, Sargodha. Ph: 048-3760412, 0333-4467157 Public B.A, B.Sc
47. Government Degree College for Women, Malakwal, District Mandi  Bahauddin.
Ph: 0546-591808, 0333-8013708
Public B.A, B.Sc, B.Com
48. Government Degree College for Boys, Malakwal, District Mandi Bahauddin. Ph: 0546-591677, 0300-7754907, 0342-
Public B.A, B.Sc
49. United College of Commerce, 15-Z Housing Colony, College Road, Layyah.
Ph: 0606-412897, 0300-8762360
Private B.Com, M.Com, BBA, MBA, B.Ed/M.Ed, BS (Eng,
IT, Physics, Chem, Botany, Zoology, Math, CS), M.A/MSc (Isl, Eco, Edu, Eng, Phy Edu) and MSc (IT) BS (Civil Tech)
50. Peer’s College of Management Sciences, Near Hotal Taj Palace, Kutchery Road, Sialkot
Ph:  052-3550822,0300-6176995,  4263344
Private B.Com/M.Com, MBA, B.A/BSc, BBA, M.A (Eco, Eng), Bed/M.Ed, BS (CS, IT), MSc (IT)
51. Khan College of Commerce, Near Darbar Shaheed Muhammad Arif, Ward No. 5, Layyah.
Ph: 0606-412790, 0306-8769949
Private Ext=B.Com
52. Civil College of Commerce & Management, S-174, Dhamial Road, Opposite Biscuit Factory,
Rawalpindi. Ph: 051-5575643, 0333-5107780
Private B.Ed, B.A/BSc, B.Com/M.Com, M.Ed
53. Wings College of Commerce, Jehlum Road, Chakwal Ph: 0543-422930,  0543-543209,  0333-5915910 Private B.Com,M.Com, B.A/B.Sc NP and BS (CS)
54. Jinnah Institute of Management Sciences, 24-D, 6th Road, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi. Ph: 051-4457372, 4581784, Private Ext=B.Com, M.Com, M.A (Eng & Eco)
55. The City College of Commerce, 431-D, Peoples Colony, Gate Chowk, Faisalabad. Ph: 041-8541308, 8542998,   0300-
Private B.Com, M.Com, B.A,B.Sc,
56. Government College for Women, Phularwan. Ph:  0301-6792319 Public B.A/B.Sc
57. Government Degree College, Saddique Abad Colony, Infront of Railway Station, Bhera,
District Sargodha. Ph: 048-6690523
Public B.A, B.Sc
58. Dar-e-Arqam Model college, 105-Stadium Road, Sargodha. Ph: 048-3224566, 0300-9602579 Private B.A, B.Sc, B.Com, BS (Eng,Math, Chem),
M.A (Eng, Math)
59. Central College of Commerce, (Campus-I) 58-A/L, Gulberg- III, Near Kalma Chowk, Lahore,
Campus-II) 33 Poonch Road, Samanabad, Lahore. Ph: 042- 5841071 -73, 0333-4305114
Private B.Com, M.Com, MBA, B.Ed/M.Ed
M.A (Mass Com) BS IT, CS, BBA
60. Noble College of Commerce, 2-A, Shadman-I, Old Add= 93- Shadman-I, Lahore Ph: 042-7554647, 0321-4013764, 042-
Private B.Ed, M.Ed
B.Com/M.Com, B.A/BSc
61. IMIT College, 108-A, Peoples Colony # 1, Faisalabad. Ph: 041-8733474,  8555797,  0300-7678718 Private B.A/BSc, B.Com/M.Com, B.Ed/M.Ed
62. Government Degree College for Women, Liaqatabad, Tehsil Piplan, District Mianwali. Ph: 0459-201069, 0300-6098150,
Public B.A, B.Sc
63. Government Degree College (Boys), Isa Khel,
Mianwali. Ph: 0459-285038, 0333-9836556, 0301-6356775
Public B.A, B.Sc
64. Government Degree College for Women, Main Road Isa Khel, Mianwali. Ph: 0459-285048, 0333-8254433 Public B.A, B.Sc
65. The National College, 1-Canal View, Jhang Road, Toba Tek Singh. Ph: 046-2512347, Private Ext=B.Com, M.Com B.Ed, M.Ed
66. Islamia College of Commerce, 6-Madina Town, Jhang Road,Toba Tek Singh.
Ph: 046-2513678, 0336-7732270
Private B.Ed,
67. Chakwal College of Education, Girls College Road, Chakwal. Ph: 0543-552180, 0345-5547323 Private B.Ed, M.Ed,
M.A (Social Work, Sociology, Phy Edu) & JDPE
68. M.A Jinnah College of Commerce and Computer Science, Old GT Road, M.M. No. 2, Jehlum
Ph: 0544-628408, 628410, 0321-9511537
Private B.Com, M.Com, B,A/BSc, M.A (Eng, Eco)
69. Pakistan Institute of Commerce and Computer Science, Bilal Town, Jehlum
Ph:  0544-720160-61,03009526027
Private B.Com, M.Com B.Ed, M.Ed
M.A (Eco, Eng), BS CS
70. Scholars College Cantt, 177-A Sarwar Road, Rawalpindi Cantt. Ph: 051-4252164, 4252165-66 Private B.Com, M.Com B.A/BSc
71. Rawalpindi Model College of Commerce, 35-, Lane No. 6, Harley Street, Rawalpindi
Ph: 051-5176228, 0301-5496166
Private B.Com, M.Com
72. I.L.M College of Commerce, 87-A, Satellite Town Sargodha. Ph: 048-3212181-3, 0321-6044171 Private B.Com, M.Com
MBA, B.A/B.Sc. M.Sc (IT), BBA, M.A (Eng, Eco) BS (CS, SE) MSc (Math)
73. I.MATS College, 211-A, Satellite Town, Sargodha. Ph: 048-3215524-5, 3214376, 0301-5553184 Private B.Com, M.Com, B.A/BSc, and M.A (Eng)
74. (AIMS) Advance Institute of Management Sciences, 543/B, Block-A, Canal Road, peoples Colony, Faisalabad. Ph: 041- 8540005 Private B.Com M.Com
75. Superior College of Commerce, 1.5-Km, Faisalabad Road Sargodha. Ph: 048-3221087, 322384, 0321-9479710 Private B.A,B.Sc,B.Com, M.Com  MBA, BBA, MSc (I.T), M.A (Eng, Eco)
76. Tameer-e-Millat Institute of Management and   Elementary Sciences, College Road, Taunsa Sharief District Dera Ghazi Khan. Ph: 064-2601587, 0332-6462828, Private B.Com and M.Com
77. Ahad College of Commerce & Technology, Opposite New Tehsil Office, Kot Addu, District Muzaffar Garh. Ph: 066- 2241779,  0345-7166490,  0345-7175107,  0335-7266490 Private B.Com M.Com
78. Pakistan Institute of Commerce & Computer Sciences, Housing Colony, College Road, Layyah. Ph: 0606-414805 Private B.Com, B,A/BSc (N-P)
79. The Global College, 11-G Shah Rukn-e-Alam, Multan. Ph: 061-6777990,  0314-6151383 Private B.Ed, M.Ed
M.A (Eng, Eco, Mass Com, Social Work, Sociology)
M.A (P.Ed), & JDPE, MBA
80. Leads Universal College, 1-B, Civil Line, Near District Courts, Khanewal. Ph: 0692-55449 Private Ext=B.Com, B.Ed
81. Bright Eaglets Qurtuba College,  New Add= Smart Campus, 1-F, Khokha Chowk, Satellite Town, Jhang Old Add= Civil Line Church Road, Jhang Saddar. Ph: 047-7500120 03336733044, Private B.A, B.Sc,
B.Ed/M.Ed, M.A (Eng), M.A (Phy Edu) and MSc (IT)
82. Eastern College, 84-L Model Town Extension, Near Faisal Town Roundabout, Lahore. Ph: 042-35161684-85, 35166203, 0321-9496886 (Malik Qasim) Private B.Com, M.Com B.Ed/M.Ed, B.A/BSc
83. Scholar College of Computer Sciences, 8-Shahra-i-Aiwan-e- Tijarat, Shadman Chowk, Lahore.
Ph:  04237571826,37587227
Private B.A/BSc, B.Com/M.Com, MA (Eng, Eco), BBA/MBA, MSc IT, BS CS
84. Crescent College of Education, Mini Bipass Road, Near Government Commerce College, Kot Addu, District Muzaffar Garh.
Ph: 03336004309, 0662017929, 0662241309, 0333-
Private B.Ed, M.Ed, B.A/BSc , M.A/MSc (Eng, Math)
85. Rawalpindi College of Business Administration, 147-C, Near Marir Chowk, Muree Road,
Rawalpindi.   Ph: 051-5120619, 051-5584506
Private MBA
86. Kallar kahar Science College, Noor Abad Talagang road, Kallar Kahar, District Chakwal.
Ph: 0543-588086, 0333-5549249
Private B.A, B.Sc
87. Federal Science and Commerce College, P-42-44, End of Lane No. 2, New Lala Rukh, Wah Cantt.
Ph: 051-4513445-7, 539834
Private Ext=B.A, B.Sc
B.Ed, M.Ed, B.Com/M.Com and M.A (Eng)
88. Askaria College,  117 Market Road,Rawalpinidi Cantt. Ph: 051-5580096-98,  5581273,  5581802 Private B.A, B.Sc
B.Com, M.Com  B.Ed, M.Ed, M.A (Eng, Eco)
89. Modern College of Commerce & Science (MCCS), 239-Tufail Road, Lalkurti Rawalpindi Cantt
Ph: 051-5793184, 5586306, 0333-5540796
Private B.A, B.Sc
B.Com/M.Com and MBA
90. ICMC, Islamabad College of Management and Commerce, CB-265-Lane No.6, Quaid-e-Azam Colony, Dhamial   Camp, Rawalpindi. Ph: 051-5149153-55 Private B.A, B.Sc,
B.Ed/M.Ed,, MBA, BBA, M.A (Eng, Eco)
91. New Name = Raees-Ul-Ahrar College, 99-A, 6th Road, Satellite Town Rawalpindi (Old Name= Fatima Jinnah College of commerce, New Add=Shakrial Road, Old = 88-A, Satellite, Town, Rawalpindi. Ph: 051-4933012 (Re-visit fee not deposited) Private B.A, B.Sc, B.Com, M.Com
B.Ed, M.Ed, M.A (Eng, Eco), BS (SE, IT, CS)
92. Government Institute of Commerce, Kotli Link Road Kahuta, District Rawalpindi. Ph: 051-3312548 Public Ext=B.Com
93. Punjab College for Women, Kutchery Road, Jehlum. Ph: 0544-627722, 629528, 0333-5825607 Private B.Ed, M.Ed
B.A/B.Sc, MSc (Psy), MSc (IT), M.A (Eng)
94. Trust College of Commerce, New Rasul Road, Mandi Baha ud Din. Ph: 0546-504929 Private B.A/BSc, M.A (English), B.Com, M.Com and MBA
95. Ajmery College of Commerce, Jinnah Road, Gujrat. Ph: 053-35240604, 3524605,3524621, 0300-8728600 Private B.Com, M.Com,B.Ed/M.Ed, B.A/BSc,M.A (Eng,Islamiat,Eco,Pol Sc)MBA,
MA (Phy Edu, History)
96. Comprehensive Punjab College of Commerce,
Murray College Road, Sialkot. Ph: 052-4582751, 4569034- 35
Private B.Com/M.Com, BBA/MBA, BS (CS) and MSC (IT)
97. Excellence College of Education, 5-Main Delta Road
, Satellite Town Gujranwala. Ph: 055-3736388 3736389,3736289,  0333-8107087,  0333-8107087
Private B.A/B.Sc, B.Ed, M.Ed,
New= M.A (Phy. Edu,social work, Mass Com, Eng Eco)
JDPE, MSc, Botany, M.Phil Eng, Edu
98. Royal College of Commerce, New Add= Main Shaikhupura Road, Near Purani Chungi PSO Pump Gujranwala) Old Add= 60-A, Satellite Town,
Gujranwala.  Ph:0321-8291084,  055-3251112
Private B.Com, M.Com, M.A (Pol Sc, Isl, Eng, Math)
99. Shiblee College,9-A, Satellite Town, Gujranwala. Ph: 055-3255122, 055-3736440 Private B.A/B.Sc, B.com, M.com
100. Zietech College of Commerce, 76- A Satellite Town Gujranwala. Ph: 055-3821240-41, 0323-3821240 Private B.A/BSc, B.Ed, M.Ed, M.A (Isl, Eng)
101. Farabi College of Commerce, Lahore Road, Near Saim Pull, Sheikhpura. Ph: 056-3792027, 0300-3792027 Private B.Com, M.Com, B.A/B.Sc and M.A (Eng, Phy Edu)
102. Government College of Commerce, Shahdra, Lahore. Ph: 042-7910216 Public B.Com
103. Government Postgraduate College for Boys, Near Session House, Mianwali. Ph: 0459-920115, 0300-6098402 Public B.A/B.Sc,
M.A (Pol. Sc, English), MSc (Chemistry)
104. The I.B.L College, 66-Main, (1st Roundabout Samanabad, Lahore) Ph: 042-7530345-46, 0333-4191239 Private B.Com, M.Com, B.Ed/M.Ed JDPE, M.A (Mass Com)
105. Oxford College of Commerce, Opposite Government College for Women, baghbanpura, Wahga Town,Lahore. Ph: 042-6856686, 0321-4456650, 38583455,   0321-
Private B.Com, M.Com B.Ed, M.Ed
MBA,B.A/BSc, M.A (Eng, Eco)
106. Peak Solutions College of Commerce & Technology 42-A Lower Mall near Civil Secretariat, Lahore.
Ph: 042-6665107, 0346-4964717, 7578692, 7359381
Private B.Com, M.Com, M.A (Eco & Pol Sc) BA/BSc
107. Government College for Women, Civil Line, Mianwali. Ph: 0459-920102 Public B.A,B.Sc
108. Government Institute of Commerce, Jauharabad,   District Khushab.  Ph:  0454-920038,  0300-6074452,0333-6814190 Public B.Com M.Com
109. Government Degree College for Women, Dullewala District Bhakkar. Ph: 0453-445472, 0343-6944278, 0346-
2663300,  0344-79161970
Public Ext=B.A/B.Sc
110. Government Degree College for Boys, Dullewala
District Bhakkar. Ph: 0453-445161, 0347-6944278, 0300-
Public B.A/BSc with CS
111. IMIT College of Education, 108-A, 2-Peopless Colony No. 1, Faisalabad. Ph: 041-8555797, 041-8729933 Private B.Ed
112. Faisalabad College for Women, 79-A, Main Samnabad Road, Faisalabad. Ph: 041-2563758
Private B.A/BSc, B.Com, B.Ed
M.Ed, M.A (Eco, Eng), BS (Math, Zoology, Chem, Eng, Isl, Eco)
113. The National College of Commerce & Computer Sciences, New Add= 13-V, Chungi No. 5. Multan Road,
Burewala (Old Add= Chungi No. 5, Multan Road, Burewala. Ph: 067-3770422, 03216993998, 3771422
Private B.Com, M.Com B.Ed, M.Ed
114. The Atlas College of Commerce, New Rasul Road, Kanchi Morr, Mandi Bahauddin. Private B.Com
B.Ed/M.Ed, M.Com, M.A (English, Eco)
115. I.T.M College of Commerce, 4-University Road, Sargodha. Ph: 048-3722155, 3768975, 0300-5552676 Private B.A/B.Sc, B.Com/M.Com, M.A (Eng)
116. Government Degree College for Boys, Liaqatabad Mianwali. Ph: 0459-201086 Public B.A, B.Sc
117. Government Degree College for Women, Jandanwala District Bhakkar. Ph: 0453-9233344, 510272, 0453-440537 Public B.A/BSc
118. Government Degree College for Boys, Jhawarian,   District Sargodha. Ph: 048-3004428, 048-6310683, 0301-
Public B.A/BSc
119. Government Degree College for Boys, Miani, Sargodha.  Ph:  048-6796323,582465 Public B.A, B.Sc
120. Government College for Women, Near New General Bus Stand, Khushab. Ph: 0454-713510,0334-7524358, 0334-
4839745,  0313-713758
Public B.A, B.Sc
121. The Professional College of Education, Ketchery Chowk, Pakpattan Road, Depalpur Distt. Okara. Ph: 044-4542393, 0444540230, Private B.Ed, M.Ed
B.Com, M.Com
B.A/BSc, and M.A (Sociology, Eng, Urdu, Eco)
122. Sir Syed College of Education , 4,5/W-Housing Colony Chichawatni. Ph: 040-5481735,
0300-6910809, 0300-6924005 (Old name jinnah College of edu)
Private B.A, B.Ed/M.Ed, M.A (Eng, Eco, Isl, Psy, Phy Edu, Urdu) BS (CS) & MSc (IT)`
123. Allama Iqbal College (Boys) , Government Girls College Road, Chichawatni. Ph: 040-5485488, 0321-6643590,040-
Private B.A/BSc NP, M.A (English, Urdu), B.Ed, M.Ed
B.Com, M.Com
124. Government College for Boys, Chak No 9/SB, Kot Momin, Sargodha. Ph: 9239205, 6681110 Public B.A, B.Sc
125. Government College for Women, Kot Momin, Sargodha. Ph: 048-6681273 Public B.A, B.Sc
126. Lahore College for Information Technology, 4-Dev Smaj Road, Opposite DCO Office, Near Secretariate Bus Stop, Sant Nagar, Lahore.
Ph: 0423-37224617, 37111921-22, 99239199
Private B.A/BSc, BFA, B Arch, M.A (Eco, Eng),
B.Ed/M.Ed, BS (Civil, Electrical) Tech
127. V.I.P Commerce College Talagang. Mohallah Hussain Abad, Talagang, Chakwal. Ph: 0543-410169
Private B.com, M.A(Eng,Urdu, Eco, Islamiat), B.A/BSc
128. Margalla Institute of Health Sciences,
Quaid-e-Azam Avenue Gulrez Phase-III, Rawalpindi. Ph: 051-5596907-8,  051-5509817,5509518,  0345-5299773
Private Pharm-D, BBA/MBA, DPT
129. The Standard College of Commerce, 3/530 Chamber Commerce Road, Opposite Mission hospital,
Sialkot. Ph: 052-4298943, 052-4601023-5, ARSHAD SB HR 0333-5123619,  051-5974283,  5509323
Private Ext=B.Com, M.Com  BBA/MBA, M.A (Eng, Math) B.A/B.Sc, MSc
130. CSC College of Education, (B-4/354 Pindi Road, Chakwal) Al-Murtaza Market, 1st  Floor, near Sabzi Mandi, Talagang Road, Chakwal. Ph: 0543-541559, Private B.Ed/M.Ed
131. Royal College of Management Sciences,Paracha Center, GT Road, Gujranwala. Ph: 055-3840765, 0300-8291084 Private B.A/BSc. MBA/BBA, M.A (Psy, Mass Com, Social Work Phy Edu, Zoology), JDPE, ADCP, MSc (I.T) BS (CS, IT, SE), MSc (Botany,
Physics, Chem), BS (Zoology, Botany, Physical)
132. Gujrat College of Education, Near National Bank, Zonal Office, Bhimber Road, Gujrat.
Ph: 053-3608149, 0300-9622302
Private B.Ed, M.Ed, BA/B.Sc
133. Bastion College of Education, Banazir Chowk, Jalalpur Jattan, Gujrat. Ph: 053-3599567, 0332-6918160 Private B.Ed/M.Ed, B.A/BSc NP, M.A (Eco, Eng)
134. Source College, Wazirabad Road, More, Sambrial. Ph:  0526523143,  03338609143.0333-3349496 Private B.A./BSc. B.Ed, M.A (Eco), M.Ed
135. Lahore School of Fashion Design, 40/L MM Alam Road, Gulberg-II, Lahore.
Ph: 042-35759983, 35757286, 35162389
Private B-Fine Arts & B-Textile Design
136. National College of Education, Thana Road Near Madrisa Rafi ul Islam, Malakwal.
Ph: 0546591155, 0345-5790582, 0345-5790582
Private B.Ed, M.Ed, B.Com, B.A/B.Sc, MA (Eng)
137. The Superior Services College, 2/173, Abot Road,  Sialkot. Ph: 052-4600575, 0300-6106758, 0321-4403829 Private Ext=B.Ed, M.Ed B.A,
M.A (Eng, Eco)
138. Government Institute of Commerce, C/O Post box # 40, Near 2/KB Hota Road, Pak Pattan.
Ph: 0457416381, 03217283982, 417244
Gov Ext=B.Com
139. Ghazali College of Education, Malakwal, Near usman Chowk, Malakwal Road, Malakwal Fazal Abad
Ph: 0546-582220, 591562, 0344-6541465, 0343-1758002,
Private B.Ed, M.Ed
140. Government Shalimar College, Baghbanpura, Lahore Ph: 042-6832280 Public B.Com
141. Government College of Commerce, Shahdra, Lahore. Ph: 042-7910216 Public B.Com, M.Com
142. Panorama College of Montessori Education,
Law College Building, Jail Road, Pak Pura, Sialkot Sialkot. Ph: 0300-7107387, 0344-6350211
Private B.Ed/M.Ed
143. Islamic Science College for Women, 172/G-B, Faisalabad. Ph: 041-3773177, 0333-8382172, 0301-
Private B.A/B.Sc, B.Ed M.Ed, M.A (Eng), JDPE
144. Kingston College of Science and Commerce, 126-C, People Colony No. 1, Faisalabad.
Ph: 041-8716987, 041-8717833, 8716983
Private B.Com, M.Com, B.A/BSc (NP)
145. Dar-e-Arqam College of Commerce, 74-A, Ghulam Muhammad Abad (Old Add=74-A, Opposite Kaleem Shaheed Park, Narwala Road) Faisalabad.  Ph: 041-2680610 Private Ext=B.Com, M.Com, B.A/BSc, B.Ed/M.Ed
146. (WBS College of Commerce & Management, 48-B, Main Gulberg, Lahore ) old name= Pakistan College of Commerce
& Management, 47-Tipu Block New Garden Town, Lahore. Ph: 042-35836736, 36147736. 03004700154, 0322-4002978
Private B.Com, M.Com MBA/BBA, M.A (Mass Com, Eco)
147. Allama Iqbal College, Balooch Colony, Goheer Estate, Darbar Road, Bahawalpur.
Ph:  062-2282339,2011039,  03336351821
Private Ext=MBA
148. Hi-Career College of Commerce, 187-188/B-VII, Liaqat Road, Sahiwal. Ph: 040-4222572, 040-4463777 Private Ext=B.Com, M.Com, B.Ed, M.Ed,
MBA/BBA, M.A (Eng, Eco, Isl)
149. Islamic Asian College of Management Sciences, Dhulyan chowk, Mandi Road, Dinga City.
Ph: 053-7400590, 03006604235, ,
Private B.Com, M.Com,
B.A/B.Sc, B.Ed/M.Ed. M.A (Eng, Eco, Phy Edu)
150. Jinnah Postgraduate College, (Old Name=National College of Education, NCE), New Address= 202 Liaqat Road, Opp, Sanat Zar Sahiwal,(Old Address=Central Plaza Near Hafiz Food Corner, Furniture Bazar, Sahiwal).
Ph: 040-4227779, 0345-7441084
Private B.A/BSc (NP), B.Ed/M.Ed, M.A (Urdu, Eng,
Islamiat, Eco, Sociology)
151. Pak College of Management Sciences, 19-20-H, Gulistan Colony, Aziz Fatima Hospital Road, Faisalabad. Ph: 041- 8846232,  0300-6621371 Private B.Ed/M.Ed, JDPE, M.A (Eng)
152. Pakistan Education College, Lahore Lyceum, New Rasool Road, Mandi Baha-ud-Din.
Ph: 0546-520455, 0546-520454, 0300-9526027,
0544734336,  0321-7746850
Private B.Ed, M.Ed, M.A (Eng)
153. Quaid-e-Azam College, 27- Aqsa Block, Karmawala Town, GT Road Okara. Ph: 044-2528682, 0321-4919479, 0303-
Private B.Com, M.Com,
B.Ed, M.Ed MBA, B.A/BSc
154. Ideal College of Commerce, G-6-A, Stadium Road, Sahiwal. Ph: 040-4466845, 0345-7424111 Private Ext=B.Com, M.Com
155. ICON College of Education, Near Jaamia Masjid Siddiqia, Opposite Noor Motors Saddat Park,
Jhumra Road, Jaranwala. Ph: 041-4310649, 0300-8583143
Private B.Ed,
M.Ed, M.A (Eng, Eco, Phy Edu, urdu, Isl)
156. Superior Science Degree College, Block-14, Khanewal. Ph: 065-2552771,  065-2552779,  0345-7398869 Private Ext=B.A, B.Sc, B.Ed
M.A (Phy. Edu, Eng, Mathematics) JDPE
157. The Grace College, Model Town, Darya Khan Road, Godola, Bhakkar. Ph: 0453-514455, 0333-6842811 Private B.Ed, M.Ed
158. Johar College of Education, 14-A Farid Town, Sahiwal. Ph: 040-4554357, 040-4550414 Private B.Ed, M.Ed, B.A/BSc
159. Jinnah College of Commerce, Near Kutchery, Jehlum Ph: 0544-620309, 0300-5458565, 621866, 272715 Private B.Com, M.A (Eng,Eco)
B.A/BSc Np with CS, B.Ed/M.Ed and M.A (Phy Edu)
160. The Scholars Girls College, Farooqia Street Eid Gah Farooqia Islampura, Daska, District Sialkot.
Ph: 052-6610022, 03006444778, 03036868216
Private B.A/B.Sc
161. Jinnah College of Education, Main Road Lari Addah, Shahkot District Nankana Sahib.
Ph: 056-3712424, 0300-8696272, 0333-4238725
Private Ext=B.Ed, M.Ed
162. Multan College of Education, 173/1, Near Board Gulgasht Colony, Multan.
Ph: 061-6520942, 03007388442
Private Ext=B.Ed, M.Ed, M.A/MSc (Math, Eco, Social Work, Eng)
163. Zain College, Head Office, Near Piala Chowk, Mandi Town, Bhakkar. Ph: 0453- 512648 0333-2652548 Private B.Ed, M.Ed,B.A/B.Sc NP, M.A ( pak St,)
164. Higher Education College, Allama Iqbal Road Muslim League Chowk, Mian Channu. Ph: 0300-6892328, 0345-7389999 Private B.Ed, M.Ed,
M.Com, JDPE, M.A /MSc (Phy Edu, Eng, Urdu, IT)
165. Khazra College of Commerce, 2-Km Cantt Road,Multan Road Ph: 047-5311512, 0300-6371512,   0345-8702181 Private B.Com, B.Ed, BA/BSc NP, M.A (Eng, Eco)
166. Al-Falah College of Commerce, Lawyers Club Building, Bhimber Road, Gujrat. Ph: 053-3609095-96, 0323-7576883,
Private B.A/B.Sc
B.Com, M.Com B.Ed, M.Ed, M.Phil (Edu)
167. Jinnah College of Education, Jinnah Road, Gujrat. Ph:  053-3516120-21, Private B.Ed, M.Ed, B.A/BSc, B.com/M.Com,
168. Hira Institute of Management of Technology, Suggian by pass Road, Street No. 09, College Stop, Nain Sukh, Lahore.
Ph: 042-37930419, 37930519
Private B.Com, M.Com,
B.Ed, M.Ed MBA
169. Al-Haram College of Education, 92-P, 12 Km Stop Tahir Avenue Main Jhang Road, Opposite, Orient Mill, Faisalabad. Ph:041-2415192,  0300-6681575,    0300-7649592(Chairman,
Tahir CH)
Private B.A/B.Sc, B.Ed, M.Ed,
One year JDPE. M.A
(Physical Education)
170. Bhakkar College of Education, Opposite Canal Rest  House, Near Ghouri Shell Petroll Pump, Darya Khan Road, Bhakkar.  0453-515139,  0313-9107533, Private B.Ed/M.Ed and B.A/BSc (N-P), M.A (Eng, Eco)
171. Chakwal Girls College, College Road, Chakwal. Ph:  0543-541948,860650 Private M.A (English, Economics), B.A
172. Government P.Y.S Degree College, Kuthiala Sheikhan Road, Phalia, Tehsil Phalia, District
Mandi Bahauddin. Ph: 0546-596032,
Public B.A
173. Government Jauhar College for Women, Jauharabad, Khushab. Ph: 0454-920060, 0454721272,
Public B.A, B.Sc
174. CMS Tameer-e-Millat College, Mitha Tiwana ,
Near Najmi Chowk, District Khushab. Ph: 0454730205-201, 03016742718
Private B.A, B.Sc
175. Government College of Commerce, Shahpur Saddar, District Sargodha. Ph: 048-6310560, 03006078046 Public B.Com
176. Jinnah College of Commerce, (Rehman Educational Society), Burhan Road, Near Shahdra Morh Police Station, Ground Floor, Gulshan-e-Hayat park Shahdara Morh, Lahore. Ph: 04237922656 03224132618,  042-37922657 Private MBA
177. Fatima Jinnah Girls College, Kallar Kahar. District Chakwal.
Ph:   0543-444633,03335284424,03335284355
Private B.A, B.Sc
178. Government College for Boys, NoorPur Thal, District Khushab. Ph: 0454850932, 0301-6346399 Public B.A/BSc
179. Government College for Women, Darya Khan Road, Bhakkar.
Ph:  0453-9200044
Public B.A/BSc, MA (Isl, Urdu)
180. INAM (Institute of Natural & Management Sciences D-31, 6th Road, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi.
Ph: 051-4351351, 4420894, 2278044, 8437758
Private MSc (Zoology,Botony Semester) B.A/B.Sc, M.phil (Zoology, Botony)
181. Farabi College of Education, Shami Road, Civil Line Sheikhpura. Ph: 056-3792027, 3792028,3814153, 0300-
Private B.A/BSc, B.Ed, M.Ed,
182. Beacon Hall College of Education, D.G Khan Road, Muzaffar Garh  Ph:  0333-6032815,0333-6032337,  0300-6342016,
Private Ext=B.Ed/M.Ed, M.A (Eng, phy Edu, Eco, Sociology), B.A/BSc
183. Aligarh College, 42-A, Satellite Town, Rahim Yar Khan. Ph: 0685870583,   0685878492,03009673467 Private M.A (Social Work, Health & Physical Education, Sociology),
184. Punjab College, Saadat Place, 6-Km Multan Road, Near BISE, Dera Ghazi Khan. Ph: 033166210971. 0642026620 Private B.A/BSc
185. Jinnah College of Teachers Training, Irfana Abad Colony, Jampur, District Rajanpur
Ph:  0604567515,03336453515
Private B.Ed/M.Ed, M.A (Phy Edu, Urdu)
186. Super Wings College of Commerce &
Management for Boys, New Add= Pakhral Building Near Shell Petrol Pump, G.T Road, Sabir Building, Gulyana Morr, Gujar Khan, District Rawalpindi.
Ph: 051-3513514,
Private B.A/B.Sc,
B.Ed/M.Ed, B.Com/M.com, M.A (Eng)
187. Vision Institute of Education, 87/C, Opposite New Sabzi Mandi Sha Ruken-e-Alam, Multan.
Ph: 061-6770927, 0616776994
Private B.Ed/M.Ed, M.A (Eng, Eco, Math), M.Phil (Edu, Urdu)
188. Sheikhupura College of Commerce, 99-A, Katchary Road, Civil Line, Sheikhpura. Ph: 0563785703-4 Private B.Com, M.Com, B.A/B.Sc,
M.A (Eco, Urdu, Islamiat, Pol. Sc, Eng), MSc (IT)
189. Muslim College of Commerce & Computer Sciences, 6/2 Civil Lines, Khanewal. Ph: 0652556442, 0652553822,
Private B.Com,M.Com, Phy Edu
190. NICON Group of Colleges, 1st Floor, Dubai Plaza, 6th Road, Crossing, Muree Road, Rawalpindi
Ph: 0300-6026031, 051-4852742, 4852001
Private B.Com, M.Com,
M.A (Pol. Sc, Eng, Islamiat)
191. Professional College of Commerce & Computer Sciences, 311-B, Opposite Telephone Exchange, Gulgast Bosan Road, Multan.
Ph: 061-6013511, 061-6511821, 03336130856, 0314-
6102337,  0300-4918475
Private B.Ed/M.Ed, JDPE and Phy Edu
192. Commerce College, Chakwal, Thesil Chowk Pinwal Road, Near Pass Port Office, Chakwal.Ph: 0543551280, 0543542674,  0333-5005535 Private B.A/B.Sc,
B.Com/M.Com, B.Ed, M.A (Eng, Eco)
193. Hassan College of Education, Stadium Road, Daska District Sialkot.
Ph:  0526614001,03009648033
Private B.A/BSc, B.Ed, M.Ed
JDPE, M.A (Phy Edu, Urdu)
194. Royal College of Sciences, Circular Road, Narowal. Ph:  0542-411600,0300-7766110 Private B.Ed, M.Ed, BS (Eng, Maths), B.A/BSc
195. Citi College of Education, Khyaban-e-Sarwar, Main Market, Dera Ghazi Khan. Ph: 03346771323 Private Ext=B.Ed & New= M.A (English)
196. Federal Science & Commerce College, G-K Plaza, Bostan Road Chaklala Scheme-III, Rawalpindi.
Ph: 051-5595403,404, 5704252 0323-5105484, 0322-
Private B.Com, B.A/BSc, M.Com, M.A (Eng, Isl, Urdu, Eco), B.Ed/M.E
197. Punjab College of Business Education, 13-W, Peoples Colony, Khanewal. Ph: 0652535359, 0345-7374766 , 0300-
Private B.Ed,
M.A Phy. Edu, M.Ed
198. Government Boys Degree College, Kundian, District Mianwali. Ph: 0459241100 Public B.A, B.Sc
199. Apex College, MCB 9/145 Opposite Islamia Ground, Girls College Road, Chakwal.
Ph:  0312-5707502,  0543-551515,0334-8759201
0334-8759801,  550759,  0334-8759801
Private B.Ed,M.Ed,
M.A (English, Eco), B.A and M.A (Psy), BSc (Double Math), M.A (Sociology, Math)
200. Noble College, Inner Ghani Eye Hospital, Highway  Road, Near Civil Hospital, Chistian. Ph: 063-2503535, 063- 2507203 Private Ext=B.Ed
201. New Name( Britght Career College of Commerce and Education)
Bright Career College of Commerce, Layyah Road, Chowk Azam, Layyah. Ph: 0306-313659, 03464772036
Private B.Com/B.Ed, M.Ed
202. Cantt College of Education for Women, House No 20/D,Street NO.33, Sunny view park,Main Bazar Sahowari, Shalimar Link Road, Lahore. Ph: 36880535-36 Private B.Ed/M.Ed, BA/BSc
203. Government Institute of Commerce, Chakwal. Ph: 0543-553367 Public B.Com
204. The Limit College of Commerce, 405, B-7 Stadium Road, Sahiwal
Ph:  0404226888,03214226888,,
Private B.Com/M.Com, B.Ed/M.Ed,
205. The Leads College, 651 Main Service Road, G-10/1, Islamabad. Ph: 051-2104152, 2104153, 0313-5544330,
Private B.A/BSc, B.com, B.Ed
M.Ed, M.A (Eng), MA (Mass Com, Eco, Socilogy), MSc (Psy), LL.M
206. Shine Future College, Railway Road, Kharor Pakka, Ph: 0608607550 Private Diploma in Health & Physical Education.
207. Shaheen College of Education, Chowk Azam Layyah. Ph: 03006760811, 0606-311-399 Private B.Ed
208. NIMS College, 2-A & 3-A, Block W, Model Town-C, Bahawalpur.  Ph:062-2874252,  0300-9671223 Private M.A (Phy. Edu) Diploma in Phy. Edu
209. SIMS (Sialkot Institute of Management Sciences), Shahab Pura Road, Sialkot. Ph: 3251771,3241771
Private B.Com, M.Com
210. Shadab College of Commerce, Abbot Road, Sialkot. Ph:  052-4265209-10,  0321-6106511 Private B.Com/M.Com, B.Ed/M.Ed, MSc (Math),
M.A (Eco, Isl), B.A/BSc
211. The Commerce College,
Old Mega Road, College Road, Pattoki. Ph: 049-4425-527, 03004149725,
Private Ext=B.Ed, M.Ed
B.Com, M.Com, B.A/BSc, MA(Eng, Eco)
212. New name= Wisdom College of Science & Technology, Old Name= Faran College of Science & Technology, New Add= Opp PTCL Exchange Mazhar Colony, Old Add=
Opposite side PTCL Exchange, Depalpur, Ph: 044-4540055, 0301-6909510
Private B.A, B.Sc, B.Com, M.A (English), B.Ed/Med
213. American College of International Academics
55C/3, Gulberg-III, Lahore. Ph: 042-5764098, 5877154,
Private B.A/B.Sc, B.Com,
BS (Fine Arts, Archetacture)
214. Aviation Degree College,
Dhamial Camp, Rawalpindi. Ph: 051-5181333, 5181259
Private B.A/B.Sc
215. Eastern College, , 258-B, Peoples Colony # 1,   Old= 127-A Peoples Colony No. 1, Near D Ground, Faisalabad. Ph: 0345-8666707 Private JDPE
216. Khurshid International College, Bhoun Road, Chakwal. Private B.A/B.Sc
217. Professors College for Girls, New Add= Canal Campus Near
D.D.O (Edu) Office, Canal Road)Bodla Colony, Shujabad, Multan. Ph: 0313-6544885, 0300-7185191, 0300-7302861
Private B.A/B.Sc(NP), B.Ed/M.Ed,
M.A (Phy. Education, Psy, Maths, Sociology),
218. Suffa Islamia Postgraduate College, Near T.H.Q, Hospital, Multan Road, Shorkot City. Ph: 047-5310871, 0333-7682412,  0333-6502871 Private B.Ed, M.Ed,
M.A (Islmiat, Economics, Eng)BA/BSc
219. Kahuta Institute of Professional Studies, Ahsan Satti Plaza Near Hadi Mani CNG, Kahuta, district Rawalpindi. Ph:051- 3311200,  0322-5118465 Private B.Ed/M.Ed, B.A/BSc, M.A (Eng, Eco, Phy Edu), B.Com
220. Progressive Model College of Commerce & Science, 174-C, Peshawar Road, Rawalpindi Cantt
Ph: 0515474041, 5460163
Private B.A/BSc, B.Com
221. Ayesha Siddiqa Training College, Balkh Town, Near Leghari Colony, Dera Ghazi Khan.
Ph: 0301-7584189, 064-2013936
Private JDPE, B.A/BSc NP
222. Al-Habib College, 35/C-1, Peoples Colony, Street No. 1, Faisalabad. Ph: 041-8555799, 8555877 Private B.Ed, M.Ed,
B.Com, B.A
223. Ghulam Muhammad College of Education,
25-Gulshan-e-Madina, Sargodha Road, Faisalabad.
Private B.Ed/M.Ed
224. Ghulam Muhammad College of Management,
25-Gulshan-e-Madina, Sargodha Road, Faisalabad.
Private B.A,
B.Com/M.Com and M.A (Eng, Islamiat, Urdu)
225. Comprehensive College of Commerce & Management Sciences, 2-Manzoor Colony, Near 47-Pul, Sargodha Ph: 048322488-7, 0345-5979700, 0300-6375346 Private B.A/BSc, B.Com/M.Com, MBA, M.A (Mass Com, Eco, Eng. Sociology) and B.Ed
226. Oriental College, Near Central Jail Main Jaranwala Road, Faisalabad. Ph: 0300-7671752, 041-8740182,
Private B.Ed/M.Ed, B.A/B.Sc
B.Com/M.Com, MA (Phy Edu, Eco, Edu, Eng)
227. Modern College of Education, Al-Fazal Town, Street No. 2, Bhalwal, District Sargodha. Ph: 048-6643605, 0315-6643605 Private B.A/BSc, B.Ed, M.Ed, M.A (Eng, Urdu,
228. Madina College for Women, P-3793, Millat Chowk, Noor Pur Road, Near HBL, Faisalabad Ph: 041-8817932, 8781245,8817932,  0331-5517932 Private B.A, B.Sc, B.Ed, M.Ed
229. Pakistan School of Economics, 4-College Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Wahdat Road,
Lahore. Ph: 042-37441161, 03004153278, 042-37079274
Private B.Com/M.Com, B.Ed/M.Ed, , MBA,
M.A (Mass Com, Phy Edu, Eco, Sociology & Eng)MSc (Psy), B.A/BSc
M.A (Edu) M.Phil (Edu) ADCP
230. Ghausia College, Basti Abdullah, Depalpur, District Okara. Ph: 044-4544482, 451692, 0334-7401682 Private B.A/BSc
231. Muslim Institute of Education, New Add= Anar Kali Bazar Mangat Road)Gujranwala Road,
near Muslim College, Hafizabad. Ph:0321-7465167, 0347- 6805800,  0547-521733
Private B.Ed/M.Ed, M.A (Eng, Sociology, Phy Edu), B.A/BSc, BS (IT), M.Phil (Edu & Urdu)
232. Jinnah College of Commerce, 22-Main Lalazar Colony, Okara. PH: 044-251616, 0345-6954844 Private B.Ed, M.Ed, B.A/BSc, M.A (Eng, Urdu, Isl, Eco)
233. New Pak College of Commerce, Faisalabad Road, Okara. Ph:  0442-513159 Private B.Com/M.Com and B.A/BSc
234. Government College of Commerce, G.T. Road, Musa Virk Opposite Police Station Saddar, Tehsil Mian Channu, District Khanewal.
Ph: 065-2020081, 03437317110
Public B.Com
235. Hafizabad College of Education, Near Caltex Petrol Pump, Gujranwala Road, Haifzabad
Ph: 0547-524743, 03016884344, 0301-6884707
Private B.Ed/M.Ed, M.Com,
M.A (Phy. Edu), B.Com
236. Oxford Degree College, Mamukanjan, Tehsil Tandalian Wala, District Faisalabad.
Ph: 041-3431008, 0463411325, 03336579546, 0333-
Private B.A/BSc and B.Ed/M.Ed
237. Lahore College of Commerce, Old Katchery Road,  Near Civil Hospital,  Narowal.
Ph: -0542-410687, -0345-4352687
Private B.Com, M.Com
238. Stratford College, 6A-Ali Block New Garden Town, Lahore.Ph:  042-3584724-6,  0321-8488944 Private B.Com/M.Com
239. Peak Solutions College of Business
Administration, 23-25, Griffin Hall, Facing Canal, Mughal Pura,  Lahore.  Ph:  04236810097,36849468,0346-4964717
Private MBA/BBA
240. Pakistan Adventist Seminary and College, Farooqabad Mandi, District Sheikhpura. Ph: 056-3875503, 3874632 Private B.Com, B.Ed, M.Ed B.A, B.Sc, BBA/MBA
241. Limit Institute of Behavioural Science & Professional Studies, 13-Humza Block, Main Boulevard Allama Iqbal Town Lahore, Ph 042-37808031-2, 0321-8300002 Private M.Sc (Psychology), Advance Diploma in Clinical Psychology.
M.A (Mass Com), M.A (Phy Edu)
242. Islamia College of Management Sciences, Jhang Road, Toba Tek Singh: Ph: Private B.Ed
243. Islamic Science Foundation College of Education,
Tehsil Talagang, Distt Chakwal, Post Office Talagang City Ph:0333-5360432,  0342-5250739,
Private B.A,B.Sc, B.Ed/M.Ed, JDPE, MA (Eng, Eco,
Urdu, Phy Edu)
244. The I.B.L College, Lahore Road, Near Wapda Town, Bhagtanwala, District Sargodha. Ph: 048-6010087, 0341-
Private B.Ed, JDPE, B.A
245. Punjab College of Science, 2-KM, Main Mianwali Road, Jauharabad, District Khushab,Ph: 0454-208300. 0321-
9660424,  0454-739123-25,  0300-6076053
Private B.A/B.Sc and M.A (Isl, Eco, Pol Sc & Math, eng, social Work)BS (Math, Botany,CS, Eco, Eng)
246. Al-Fauz International College for Girls, New Add= Janubi Bazar Road, Jauharabad(Old Add=171-C, New Satellite town, Jauhar Abad, District Khushab.)
Ph: Ph: 0454-722083, 0333-4404260
Private B.A/B.Sc, B.Com, B.Ed
247. Ghuncha Post-Graduate College, Chowk Qureshian, Kundian District Mianwali, Private B.A
248. I.L.M College, 269-Sarwar Shaheed Road,
Joharabad, District Khushab. 0454-723167, 0454-722967
Private B.Com, B.Ed/M.Ed, M.A (Eng, Math, Phy Edu), B.A/BSc
249. Al-Mumtaz Walfare Foundation, V.P.O Mangwal  Thesil & District Chakwal. Ph: 0336-5960937 Private B.A/B.Sc
250. Kot Momin College of Education, Mohallah Tararran Wala, Kot Momin. Ph: 048-6681300, 0300-6036734 Private B.A, B.Ed, M.Ed
251. I.B.L College of Commerce & Education
(The I.B.L College)852-B, Milad Street Near Fast NU Faisal Town, Lahore. Ph: 0423-5219254, 5219200, 0300-
Private B.Ed/B.Com, B.A/BSc NP and M.A (Pol Sc)
252. Rachna College, Canal Road, Mureed Wala, Tehsil Sumumdri, District Faisalabad. Ph: 041-3472585, Private B.A/BSc NP, B.Ed/M.Ed JDPE, M.A (Phy Edu,
Eng, Eco)
253. Ayesha Girls College, Mohallah Station Road,
Fateh Jang. Ph: 057-2212504, 2210826, 0301-5500878
Private B.A, B.Sc, B.Ed/M.Ed
JDPE, M.A (Eng, Pak St, Phy Edu)
254. Punjab college of Science and Commerce, Teen   Meela Chowk Sanjwal Road, Attock. Ph: 057-2019019, 0333-7776562,  0321-9781791 Private B.A/B.Sc, B.Com/M.Com, MSc Zoology
255. Wanhar College of Education, Near Government Degree College, Buchal Kalan, Tehsil Kallar Kahar, District Chakwal. Ph: 0543-587680, 0333-5208862 Private B.A/B.Sc, B.Ed/M.Ed, M.A (Eng, Sociology, Phy Edu)
256. Fatima Jinnah Girls College, Stadium Road, Near
Civil Hospital, Daska. Ph: 0526-615240, 0321-6135823,
Private B.Ed/M.Ed
257. Wah College of Accountancy, 1st floor Safdar Plaza infront of Al-Rahat Bakers, GT Road, Kamra Cantt.
Ph: 0572-640664, 0321-5762664
Private B.Com and B.A/BSc
258. Ideal College of Education, Opposite Government Post Graduate College, Rawalpindi Road, Chakwal Ph: 0543- 540579 Private B,Ed. M.Ed, B.A, M.A (Eng, Phy Edu) and M.Phil (Edu)
259. Cambridge College, Lahore Sargodha Road,Sheikhupura Ph:056-3780167-68,0300-4492504, (Rana Rashid 0333- 4492504) Private M.Sc (Psychology), M.A (Mass Com,Sociology, Eng), B.A/BSc
260. Jauhar College of Education & Sports Sciences,
20-A, Civil Line, Opposite Bashir Surgical Clinic, Jauharabad, District Khushab. Ph: 0301-6341841, 0454-721472
Private B.Ed/M.Ed, JDPE,
M.A (Physical Education, Social Work, Sociolgoy, English)
261. Sargodha College of Commerce & Education, Near Cricket Stadium, Model Town, Dera Ghazi Khan. Private B.A, B.Ed/M.Ed
M.A (Physical Education, Sociology)
262. Islam College of Pharmacy, 5-Km, Pasroor Road, Sialkot. Private Pharm-D and DPT
263. Apple College of Education, new Add= Sufi City Road, Railway Line, Mohalla Gurrah,Opposite Bank Al-Falah Katchary Road, Mandi Bahuddin. Private B.Ed/M.Ed, B.A/B.Sc and
M.A (Eng, Phy Edu)
264. Govt Degree College for Women, Mankera District Bhakar, PH: Public B.A/BSc
265. Standard College of Commerce, Jassar By pass, Narowal Ph:  0542414130,414143 Private B.Ed/M.Ed, MBA/BBA, B.Com/M.com, MA (English)
266. Ghuncha Post Graduate Collge, Wapda Road, Chashma, Mianwal. Ph: 03325222946. Private B.A/B.Sc, (N-P)
267. Quaid-e-Azam Post Graduate College, 134 Moor, Multan Road, Sahiwal Ph: 040-4220221, 0300-4300044 Private B.Ed/M.Ed, B.A/B.Sc
M.A (Phy. Edu) & JDPE
268. Government College for Women, Farooka, District Sargodha. Public B.A/B.Sc,
269. Government College for Women, Kamar Mushani Tehsil Esa Khel Distt Mianwali Ph: 0459397123 Public B.A/BSc
270. Jinnah College of Education, Near Caltex Pump, GT Road, Manawan. Ph: 0300-8696272, 0423-6523334, 0333-
Private B.Ed, M.Ed and M.A (Eng)
271. Government Degree College (Boys), Phularwan District Sargodha. Ph: 048-6610207 Public B.A/B.Sc
272. The Standard College of Business Administration, Circular Road, Neal Able Plaza, Sialkot Ph: 052-4601023-25, 0300- 6182494,  0301-4687934 Private B.A/BSc NP, B.Ed, B.Com, M.Com, MBA and BBA
273. Minhaj Model College, Kamra Near Madina Town Kamra Cantt.
Ph: 0572642135, 03455630652, 03005604907
private B.A/BSc , M.A (Eng), Msc (Math, Urdu, Isl)
274. Al-Madrassa College of General Education,
Mughal Street No. 14, Naeem Park Shahdara Town, Lahore. Ph: 042-37920644, 0321-9443673, 0321-8826371
private B.Ed,M.Ed BA?Bsc NP
275. Lahore School of Psychology, , 83-Shah Jamal Colony, Lahore, Ph: 042-3758966, 0321-7324011 private ADCP, MSc (Psy)
276. Accounting Point College, B-314/23, New Lala Rukh, Near Barrier 3, Opp CB Ground, Wah Cantt. Ph: 051-4540127, 0321-5667770 private B.Com/M.Com and MBA
277. Lahore Institute for Social Sciences,91-Babar Block, New Garden Town, Lahore
Ph: 042-35837339, 35852591
private M.A (Eng, Eco, Mass Com, islamiat, Urdu, Arabic), MBA,
BBA, BA/B.Sc, B.Com/M.Com,
BS (Islamiat, Eco, Mass Com), M.Phil (Eco, Islamiat)
278. Ijaz Psychiatric Institute, 14-15-G-4, Johar Town, Lahore. Ph: 042-35304020, 042-35720730, 0300-8433905, 0301-
private ADCP
279. Pakistan College of Law, 46-Tipu Block, New Garden Town, Lahore.  Ph:  042-35831838,35831801 private LLM
280. National Institute of Health Science, 9-A, Sher Shah Block, New Garden Town, Lahore  New name= Najson Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS) 9-A, Shershah Block, New Garden Town, Lahore Ph: 042-35880533, 35865535 private DPT
281. Base College of Science and Commerce, Opposite CB Ground, Near Barrier 03, Munirabad G.T Road, Wah Cantt. Ph: 0514541091-2, 03065003632 private B.A/B.Sc, B.Com
282. Ali Garh Model College, Gulgasht Colony, Multan 0307-3337300, 0308, 7644328, 061-6522666 private B.Ed/M.Ed, M.A (Phy. Edu), JDPE
Floor 3, Ahmad Plaza, I-8 MarkazIslamabad.ph: 051- 4864540,  0344-4453727
Private BBA/MBA,
284. Gujranwala Institute of Rehabilitation, Sciences Sialkot, By Pass Road, Z-Block, Peoples Colony, Gujranwala Private DPT
285. Punjab College of Science, 4km Main Gojra Road, Near Govt Ghazali College, Jhang Ph: 0300-6631445, 047-7630501-3 Private B.A/BSc,B.Com and M.A (Eng)
286. Ghazali Science College, 2-B, Civil Lines, Nawaz Chowk, Jhang Saddar, PH: 047-7620011, 7011600 Private B.A/B.Sc, M.A (Eng, Urdu)
287. Greenz College for Girls, Main Sialkot Road, Oppsite Old Petrol Pump, Near jagna Stop Gujranwala Ph: 0300- 6451206, 055-3733638, 0334-4412331 Private B.A/B.ScN.P with CS, B.com/M.Com,
M.A (Eng, Eco)
288. I.B.L College of Commerce and Education, Motey Road, Adjacent Noorkot Road, Shakargarh Ph: 0300-8404694 Private B.Ed/M.Ed,
BS (Eng, Eco, Math, Botony), M.A (Phy Edu, Eng, Eco, Mass Com) B.A/BSc, BS (IT), MSc (IT) and MSc (Botany)
289. The Allied College of Education Qila Didar Singh,
Gala Ch Ijaz, Near Jamia Masjid,  Qila Didar Singh, District Gujranwala. Ph: 0312-3383519
Private B.A/B.Sc, B.Ed/M.Ed,
M.A (Eng, Eco, Islamiat, Urdu, Phy Edu)
290. FATEHJANG COLLEGE OF COMMERCE, Railway Station Road, FATEHJANG, 057-2212385, 0300-9819385, 0333-
Private B.Ed, B.Com, M.Ed and B.A, BSc and M.A (Eng)
291. Apex College of Commerce, Defence Road, Sialkot Ph: 052- 3251007,  0301-6106867 Private B.Com/M.com, B.A/Bsc
292. Superior College for Boys, Sultan Colony, Gojra Road, Jhang Ph: 047-7652375-6, 0321-4241525 Private B.Com/M.Com, BBA/MBA
293. Punjab College of Education, Opposite Govt College Faisal Town, Vehari Ph: 067-3363509, 0300-7722579 Private B.Ed, M.A (Physical Education, Urdu)
294. Peak Solution College of Information Technology, Zarar Shaheed Road, Saddar Roundabout, Lahore Cantt, Lahore Ph: 042-36665107, 36685003, 0346-4964717 Private M.A (Mass com, Eng) BS (IT) and M.S (I.T)
295. GLIM Institute of Modern Studies, 22-D, Rashid Minhas Road, Model Town A, Bahawalpur
Ph: 062-2888977, (0346-8803197 Dr. Shahid )
Private M.Sc (IT), BS (CS & IT), MSc (Math,
Botany)M.A (Eng,Eco) MS (Comp Sc), M phil (Islamic Studies, Urdu, Edu, History)
296. Superior College of Science, Plot No. 258, Main Multan Road, Pattoki. Ph: 0494424001-2, 0300-4130810 Private B.A/BSc, M.A (Urdu, Eng, Eco, Pol Sc, Math), BS (Physics, Chemistry)
297. Government Degree College Bhoa Hassan (Thesil Phalia), District Mandi Bahauddin 0546-417338, 0346-6461880 Public B.A/B.Sc
298. Chishti College of Commerce, 69-A, Main Narowal Road, Opposite kaleem Shahid Road, Ghulam Muhammad Abad, Faisalabad Ph: 2698787, 03217844119, 041-2682641 Private B.A/BSc, B.com/Mcom, B.Ed/M.Ed and MA (Eng, Eco)
299. Princeton College of Education, Jatoi,
near Hospital chowk, Tehsil jatoi District Muzaffar Garh Ph: 0300-2591361,  0333-2591461
Private B.A/BSc NP, B,Ed/M.Ed, M.A (Urdu,
Sociology, Phy Edu, Eng)
300. Din College for Women, Lahore Road, Chiniot ,  Ph: 0476-336243, 0323-3339239, 03331-7029572 Private B.A/BSc, M.A (Eng, Eco, Urdu, Islamiat), JDPE and B.Ed/M.Ed
301. NISA Girls College, 91-C, Satellite Town,
Near Zafarullah Chowk, Sargodha Ph: 3210361, 0300- 6002479
Private B.A/BSc and B.Com
302. Iqra College of Science, Commerce and Education, Opposite Fatima Jinnah Park, Near Nadra Office,
Basir Pur Road, Depalpur District Okara (college is closed)
Private B.A/B.Sc
303. Ghazali College of Education, Bhalwal District Sargodha.
Ph: 048-6642607, 048-6642000, 0333-6793243, 0304-
Private B.Ed/M.Ed, M.A (Phy Edu)
304. The Superior College, Satt Sira Chowk, Mandi  Bahauddin.
Ph: 0546-571331-4, 0312-7342292, 0321-6466334
Private B.A/B.Sc, B.Com/M.Com MBA
305. Azam International Science & Commerce College, Railway Road, near Railway station, Alipur Chattah, Tehsil Wazirabad, Distt Gujranwala Ph: 055-6332019, 0301-
6613462,  0311-4173908
Private B.A/B.Sc NP with CS, B.Ed/M.Ed B.Com, M.A (Eng, Islamiat, Urdu)
306. Zarif Shaheed Degree College for Women, Vill,
P.O Bhair Ratial, The Gujar Khan,Distt Rawalpindi. Ph: 051- 3556309,  5705953
Private B.A/BSc (N-P) B.Ed
307. City Postgraduate College for Women, Katchery Road, Opposite Post Graduate College for Women, Jhelum. Ph: 0544-4272701, 272702, 0300-5411387 Private B.A/BSc, B.Ed, M.A (Social Work, Eng), M.Ed and MSc (Psychology)
308. Paptech College of Commerce, I.T & Business Studies,
Super Center, Opposite Trust Plaza, G.T Road, Gujranwala, Ph: 055-3731133-55, 4210850
Private B.Com/M.Com
309. Times College, 91-A Satellite Town, Gujranwala Ph: 055-3844999, 0300-4113355 Private M.A (Social Work)
310. Aitchison College of Education, West Canal Road, Jaranwala, Faisalabad, Ph: 041-4314565, 4313565, 0333-
Private B.A/BSc,B.Ed M.Ed,M.A (Eco)
311. Government Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Degree College, Faisalabad Road, By Pass opposite Ashiana Housing Scheeme,  Sargodha Public B.A/B.Sc
312. New Name= MARS Institute of Health Sciences for Women,MARS Women Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences,157-West Wood Colony, Thokhar Niaz Baig, Lahore,  0300-4015976 Private Pharm-D, DPT
313. Government Degree College for Women, Mari, District Sargodha.
Ph: 0483-871046, 0322-7793317
Public B.A/BSc
314. Punjab College of Science and Commerce, Bhoun Road, Chakwal.Ph:  0543-554258-61,  0345-5452222 Private B.A/B.Sc, B.Com/M.Com, MSc (Botany, Chemistry), BS (Botany, Chemistry)
315. Dar-e-Arqam Girls College, Kotmoman Road, Bhalwal, District Sargodha.Ph: 048-6015241, 6645100, 0331-
Private B.ABSc and B.com
316. Foresight College, Opposite Shell Petrol Pump, Sahiwal Road, Pak Pattan Ph: 0457-352829, 0334-7897121 Private B.A/BSc, B.Ed/M.Ed, B.Com, M.A Eng, Urdu, Sociology, Eco, Edu, Math, Isl, Pak Studies, Pol Sc) M.Com
317. Al-Haisam College of Education, Mohalla Chah Malik Wala, Sahiwal, District Sargodha. Ph: 0486785168
Private B.Ed/M.Ed, M.A (Eng) and JDPE
318. Al-Hijaz College of Commerce, New Add= Kamal Chishti Morr, Kasur Tehsil & distt Kasur, Old Add=(Macca Town, Khundian Khas, Kasur, Ph: 0492-2724898, 0321-6462202,
0322-6579659,  0332-0275000
Private B.Com/M.Com, M.A (English)
319. Professional College of Education & Mangement Sciences, Muhallah Amir Abad,
Near Sara Nazir Public School, Jalal pur Peer wala, Distt Multan. Ph; 0333-6130856, 0331-7027052
Private B.Ed/M.Ed
320. Al-Wadood Institute of Professional Studies, Bhara Kahu, Islamabad.
Ph: 051-2574877, 0313-5353063
Private B.Com/M.Com, B.Ed/M.Ed, M.A (Eng), JDPE, MBA, B.A/BSc NP, M.A (Phy Edu)
321. Multan College of the Educators (Pvt) Ltd
1812-Main Khanewal Road, Near Eid Gah Multan. Ph: 0321-6351995, 0300-7331807, 0301-8730892
Private MSc (Zoology)
322. Wings College for Girls, Katchehry road, Jhelum Ph:0544-623007, 733667, 730785 Private B.Com/M.Com
323. Oxford College of Commerce and Science, Chichawatni Road, Near Shell Petrol pump, Kamalia, The Kamlia, Distt Toba Tek singh Ph: 0333-
6579546, 046-3411066 (Visit fee of session 2015 is yet not deposited by the college)
Private B.A/BSc, B.Com/M.Com, M.A (Eng & Eco, Phy Edu)
324. College of Advanced Scientific Techniques (CAST),opposite Gove Comprehensive School, Faird Town Sahiwal, Ph: 040- 4557788,040,4461129,   0303-8800003 Private ADCP, MSc (Math, IT), BS (CS, IT) and M.A
(Phy Edu)
325. Orient College, Housing Colony, Kallur Kot, Bhakkar Ph:  0453200889,0313-7645381,  0345-7645381 Private B.A/BSc (N-P), M.A (Eco, Eng), Phy Edu and MSc (IT)
326. Superior College of Commerce, Darya Khan Road, Bhakkar,  Ph:  0300-8706044,  0453-513712,0332-7628078 Private B.A/BSc with CS and B.Com,M.A (Islamic Studies, Phy Edu, Eco, Eng), BS CS
327. Allama Iqbal Post Graduate College,Moh Khanankhail, Tehsil Piplan, Distt Mianwali Ph: 0308-7006708 Private B.A (Arts), M.A (Eng)
328. Thal College of Education, Housing Colony, Kallur Kot , District Bhakkar.
Ph: 03467867715 (college khtam ho gya hai but dis- affiliated nai hai)
Private B.A/BSc (N-P)
329. Quaid Science College, Lane No 11, Quaid-i-Azam Colony, Chakry Road, Rawalpindi, Ph: 051-5575991, 5576216, 0333-
Private B.A/BSc, B.Ed
330. Punjab College, Mianwali. PAF Road, District Mianwali. Ph: 0459-232385-86 Private B.A/BSc, B.Com
331. Citi College Rawalpindi,
14-A, Near Arshi Mosque Satellite Town, Rawalpindi. Ph: 051-4573283,  4573251,  0336-5431245,  0343-8543559
Private M.A (Eng), B.A, B.Ed
332. Hira College of Education, Mighi Choke
Mulhiqa Jamia Ummul Qura,Kot Momin, Disttt Sargodha PH; 0300-3519214, 0301-6718337
Private B.Ed
333. The leeds College of Education, G-Block, Baldia Colony College Road, Chishtian Ph: 063-2509090, 0300-6026031,
Private MSC (I.T)/BSCS
M.A (Eng,, Edu, Phy Edu) JDPE, BS (Chemistry), M.A/MSc (Math, Urdu)
334. National College, Al. Bilal Plaza 2nd floor Chandni chowk, Rawalpindi. Ph: 051-4306065, 4851586, 0321-5255498,
0334-5938699,  0332-5552298
Private M.A (Eng, Mass Com, Phy Edu), B.Ed/M.Ed
335. Federal Abdali College, Misrial Road, Rawalpindi Cantt. Ph: 051-5202757,03215269581 Private B.Ed and B.Com
336. Rise College, 1674-Pir Khurshid Colony, Opp City, Hospital, Multan, Ph: 061-9213344-45-46, 0333-6255115 Private B.A/BSc,, MSc (Math
337. Al-Suffah College, Mianwali. Ali Town, PAF Road, Mianwali.
Ph: 0459-231220, 234250, 0300-6091105
Private B.A/BSc alongwith CS
338. Nishat Degree College, Opposite Ali Trust lethrar Road, Khana Dak, Islamabad. Ph: 051-2241380, 0314-5054177 Private B.A/BSc (N-P), B.Ed, B.Com, M.Ed
339. Superior College of Science, Okara Road, Opposite
Grid Station, Depalpur. Ph: 0444540211-3, 0321-4720222
Private B.A/BSc. M.A (Eng, Urdu, Eco, ), BS (Chem, Botany, Math)
340. Government Degree College for Women, Mohallah Sahnian Wala, Circular Road, Bhera Ph: 048-6691147 Public B.A/BSc
341. Royal Genius Institute of I.T, House No 3/335 Munshi Mohallah Mandi Bahauddin Near Girls College, Ph: 0546- 452152,  0546-503272 Private B.A/BSc (NP)and M.A (Eng & Eco)
342. Government College for Boys, Mankera, Bhakkar, 0453- 410263 Public B.A/BSc
343. Government Degree College for Women, Near Railway Crossing Main Mianwali Road, Wan Bhachran District Mianwali. Ph: 0459-396330, 0333-6723592 Public B.A/BSc
344. Government Degree College for Women,  Daud Khel, District Mianwali Public B.A/BSc
345. Sialkot College of Physical Therapy, Amin Medical Complex, Defence Road, C/O Umer Academy, Defence Road, Sialkot. Ph: 0300-6120520, 03213646562, 052-3556762 Private DPT, MBA & BS (CS & IT), MSc (IT)
346. Hashmians Post Graduate College, Muslim Colony, Mianwali Ph: 0312-7493402, 0333-9804314 Private B.A/BSc, B.Ed/M.Ed, M.A (Phy Edu)
347. (JIPS)Johar Institute of Professional Studies, 34- Km Nabi Buksh Ferozepur Road, Lahore Ph: 0423-5712540, 0323- 4450025, 0321-4450025 (Mr. Waqas Khan 0321-3535005) Private Pharm-D, DPT, M.Phil (Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics)
348. Government Degree College for Women, Musa Khel, District Mianwali Ph: 045-99247124, 0301-3959057 Public B.A/BSc
349. Government College for Women, Near Railway Station, Behal Bhakkar Ph: 0453-432140, 511334 Public B.A/BSc
350. Sir-Syed College of Education, Tipu Road, Rawalpindi. Ph: 051-5961621, 5961523, 051-4844250, 5763310 Private B.A/BSc, MA/MSc (Eng, Math) and M.Ed
351. Government Degree Colleg for Women, Rangpur, Khushab, PH: 0346-7941892, 0454-791073 Public B.A/BSc
352. Saint Pauls Education System, E-43, Satellite Town Rawalpindi. Ph: 0514413911,4451713,4414050, 0333-
Private B.Ed/M.Ed, M.A (Urdu, Eng)
353. Royal College of Education, 43- DC Road,Gujranwala, Ph: 0313-3840000,  055-3871765,  3257585 Private B.Ed/M.Ed, M.A (Eng, Eco, Sociology, Edu), M.Phil (Edu)
354. Sir-Syed Science College for Girls,Tipu Road, Rawalpindi Ph: 051-5950800,  5174031 Private B.A/BSc, M.A (Eng) and B.Com
355. Multan Institute of Helath Sciences, Zaidi House, Green view Colony, Multan Public School, Bosan Road, Multan Ph: 0321-4248170,  0321-7404666 Private DPT
356. Government Emerson College, Emerson College Road, Multan PH: 061-3210037-38 Public MSc (Physics, Math, Stattics, IR, Eco, Eng, Botany, Zoology), M.A (Urdu, Islamiat, Pol Sc), M.Ed
357. Sir-Syed Science College, Tipu Road, Rawalpindi Ph: 051- 5763106,  0333-5207012 Private BS (CS & IT), B.A/BSc, M.A (English)
358. Pasha Institute of Emerging Disciplines, New Add= 21-C, PCSIR Staff College Road, near Wapda Town, Ghazi Chowk, odl Add= 2nd Floor, Hasan Center, Feroazpur Road, Ichra, Lahore Ph: 042-35979209, 0322-4990809 Private BS (CS & IT) and MSc (IT)
359. Wah College of Accountancy, CB-205, Beside: Al-Rahat Bakers, Lalzar Colony, Near Barrier No. 3, The Mall, Wah Cantt. PH; 051-4531708, 0321-5762664 private B.A/BSc, B.Com and M.Com
360. VIRTUOUS STUDY, 89/A, Shakoor Mind Care Institute, Muhammadia Colony, Bahawalpur. Ph: 062-2884988, 0307-
2023238,  0307-2023238
Private ADCP
361. Gujrat College of Commerce, Opp Model Town, Bhimber Road, Gujrat Ph; 053-3600620, 053-3607800 Private B.A/BSc, B.Com, M.Com, BBA, MBA, M.A
(Eng, Eco, Isl), MSc (Math)
362. The Limit  Colleges of Commerce & Management Science, (1)= 51-B, Jawad Avenue (2)= 48-49 Aqsa Block, Karmawala
Town, Okara Ph: 044-2524244, 0321-9406137, 0321-
Private B.A/BSc, B.Ed/M.Ed, M.A (Eng), BS (CS & IT)
363. Superior College, B/A Small Industrial Estate G.T Road, Gujranwala Ph: 055-3844831-4, 0300-4280117 Private B.A/BSc, M.Com, MSc (Chemistry)
364. Lahore College of Science & Technology, Main Mancharr Road, Plot No 1, Ali Pur Chattha, Gujranwal Ph: 0300- 5194347,  055-6332562 Private B.A/BSc, M.A (Eco), MBA/BBA and M.A
(Phy Edu)
365. Punjab College of Excellence in Commerce, Plot # 162, Jatyal Bridge Near Gate # 2, Kamra Cantt Ph: 0572-640023 private B.A/BSc, B.Com/M.Com, B.Ed/M.Ed, M.A (Phy Edu)
366. ILM College for Girls, Dina Campus, G.T Road, Dina Distt Jhelum Ph: 0544-630668, 0300-4337647 private B.A/BSc, B.Ed/M.Ed, B.Com/M.Com and
M.A (Eng)
367. Punjab College of Science & Commerce, 1-Km Cantt. Road Shorkot, Distt Jhang Ph: 0300-6631445, 047-5311001-4,
0336-6675476,  0333-5277538
Private B.A/BSc
368. COMAND College of Modern and Novel Devices, 20-Fateh Sher Road, Sahiwal Ph: 040-4220489, 4224889 private B.A/BSc, BS CS, MSc (IT), ADCP, M.A (Mass
Com, Math), LLM, M.A (Phy Edu, Eng, Isl), M.Phil (Isl, Eng,Edu, Urdu, Psy)
369. Federal Institue of Health Sciences, Ahmad Park, Near Wapda Hospital, Gulistan Chowk, Masoom Shah Road, Multan (Ph: 042-35419444 Yeh Lahore ka numb hai) Private DPT
370. The Burewala College of Physical Education & Management Sciences, 14- Shaheen Villas Chichawatni Road,Burewala Distt Vehari Ph: 0300-7596300, 0673500073, 0333-4565874 private M.A (Phy Edu)
371. Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Technology (PIET), Southern Bypass Road, Multan PH: 0322-6716355, 0333- 6191410,  0322-6716335 private BS Math), BS (CS), BS (IT), MSc (IT), BSc
(electrical, Mechanical, Civil Engr Semester System), MSc (Math), BBA/MBA
372. Superior College for Girls, Jamil Town, St. No 1, Block A, Saim Pull Stop Lahore Road, Sheikhpura Ph: 056-3610197-9, 0333-4352325 Private B.A/BSc, B.Com/M.Com, M.A (Eng, Eco, Urdu)
373. Superior College for Boys, Jinnah Chowk, Gujranwala Road, HafizabadPh: 054-7521125-6,  0321-45889477, 0321-
private B.A/BSc, M.A (Eng, Eco)
374. Superior College, 42-43 Block 20 Industrial Area,  Jauharabad by pass, Jauharabad Ph: 0454-7222695-6, 0335- 6508495-6,  0300-6038189 Private B.A/BSc, M.A (Eng, Eco), MSc (IT), BS (CS)
and B.Com/M.Com
375. Punjab College of Science & Commerce, Lila Road, Pind Dadan Khan, PH: 0345-5447323, 0544-212102, 106 Private B.A/BSc, B.Com
376. Iqra International Institute, Doctor City Zulfiqar Ali Shahid Road, Near Khyanban Garden, Faisalabad Ph: 041-8815657, 0300-7995090 Private B.A/BSc, B.Com/M.Com
377. The Summit College of Education, P-41 Link Road, Jinnah Colony, Faisalabad Ph: 041-2636381-82 Private B.A/BSc, B.Ed/M.Ed, BS (Math, Chem, Zoology, Botany)
378. Federal Model Science College, Village & Post Office Buchal Kalan, Distt Chakwal, 0333-5177651, 0300-8114110 Private B.A/BSc, M.A (Eng) , MSc (Math), B.ED
379. Gulab Devi Chest Hospital, Ferozepur Road, Lahore Ph: 042- 35918040,  0321-4703651,  0300-4375015 Private DPT
380. Royal Instutue of Medical Science, Chungi No. 6, Gulshen-e- Mehar Colony, Multan Ph; 061-6512444, 0345-5142020,
Private DPT
381. Al-Hidayah Girls College, 57-Block-B, Street No.1, PWD Society Islamabad Ph: 051-5706480, 0300-9548627 Private B.A/BSc (N-P)
382. The National Post Graduate College, Plot # 287-288, 106 Central Avenue, Phase # 1, Pakistan Town, Islamabad Ph: 051-2564121,  0300-5271540,  0305-5127700 Private B.A/BSc
383. F.G. DEGREE COLLEGE , Sir Syed Road, Attock Cantt, Ph; 057-9316365 Public B.A/Bsc
384. Al-Zahra Girls College, 140-C Satellite Town, Sargodha Ph: 3223779,  0321-6033023 Private B.A/BSc, M.A (Eng), BS (Eng)
385. Government Degree College for Boys, Ban Hafiz Jee , District Mianwali
Ph: 03008990731, 0300-6085028
Public B.A/Bsc
386. Government college for Women, Noor Pur Thal, District Khushab Ph: 0346-7941892 Public B.A/BSc
387. Rashid Latif College of Pharmacy , 35 Km Ferozepur Road, Lahore PH: 0492-451091-5, 0333-4525080(Asif) Private Pharm-D
388. Rise Lead College, Muree, Near Kohsar Market Rawat, Muree Distt Rawalpindi Ph; 0346-5237499, 0314-5384316 Private M.A (Eng, urdu Phy Edu, Pak St, Math), B.A/BSc and B.Ed/M.Ed
389. Scholars College Cantt, Near Takbeer Colony Chwok Kamra Road, Attock City Ph: 057-2013601,  0342-5110990,
0301,5179266,  0345-5290760
Private B.A/BSc, B.Com/M.Com, Phy Edu
390. Oxford Girls Degree College, Pindi Gheb  Near Old janaza gah   Distt Attock Ph:057-2351118,057-352879, 0301- 8507315 Private B.A/BSc, M.A (Eng, Isl, Urdu, Eco, Psy) and B.Ed/M.Ed
391. Faisalabad College of Law, P-358, Amin Town, Canal Road, Faisalabad Ph: 041-8753133, 0300-8653133 Private LLM
392. COMAND College for Women, 9-Qabula Road, Arifwala Private B.Ed/M.Ed
393. Kohsar College, Village Sunthi, Khani Tok, P/O Jhika Galli, The Muree Distt Rawalpindi Ph: 0333-5605002, 0323- 5328080 Private B.Ed, M.A (Urdu, Isl), M.ed, MSc (Psy) and B.A/BSc NP
394. ICMC College, Near Chakri Interchange, Distt Rawalpindi Ph: 051-4675256,  4675099 Private B.A/BSc NP
395. Al-Muslim Science college, VPO Mulhal Mughlan, Teh & Distt Chakwal PH: 0300-5392232 Private B.A/BSc, B.Ed, M.Ed
396. Providence Institute of Education (PIES), Near PTCL Exchange, Alipur, Muzaffar Garh Ph: 066-2700087, 0333- 5439299 Private B.A/BSc
397. Punjab College of Science, Main Bhakkar Road, Kaloor Kot Distt, Bhakkar PH: 0301-6744327, 0321-9660424 Private B.A/BSc
398. IT-HUB, House No. 133/3, Stadium Road, Sargodha Ph: 048- 3768731, 3768732, 0332-1451845 Private BS (IT, CS, SE) and MSc (IT)
399. Pioneer Science College, 155-Factory Area Sugar Mills Road, Bhalwal Ph: 048-6642691, 0301-6739250, 0300-6033230 Private B.ABSc, M.A (Eng, Eco, urdu, Isl)
400. Hira College, Green Town, Bus Stand, Lahore Road, Sargodha Ph: 048-322566, 0321-4772502, 0321-8603386 Private BS (Electrical, Mechanical, Civil Tech)
401. Punjab college of Sciecne, 1.5 KM, Faisalabad Jhang Bypass Road, Chiniot Ph: 047-6333981-82 Private M.A (Eng)BS (CS), MSc (Chemistry)
402. Imperial College of Higher Education, 84/C, Peoples Colony No.1, D-Ground, Faisalabad Ph: 041-8725647, 0300-
Private B.ABSc NP, B.Ed/M.Ed, M.A (Eng)
403. Superior College of Science & Commerce, Main Faisalabad Road, Chiniot Ph: 047-65502004, 0300-7253927 Private B.A/BSc and B.Com
404. Punjab College of Science, Farooka Road, Sahiwal Distt Sargodha Ph: 048-6786601-5, Private B.A/BSc and B.Com
405. Harvard College of Commerce and Sciences, Chur Chakki Stop main Peshawar Road, Rawalpindi Ph: 051-5460512, 5460033,  03333-5130469 Private B.A/BSc, B.Com/M.Com, MBA
406. Punjab College of Science, Near Railway Phatak, Bhalwal Distt. Sargodha Ph: 048-6644004-5 Private B.A/BSc
407. Science Institute of Technology,
Mohsin Town, Jampur Road, Dera Ghazi Khan Ph: 064-2472350, 0300-7392400
Private BS (Civil, Electrical) Tech
408. Rahim Yar Khan College of Technology,
Nar Gharib Shah, Bridge By Pass Road, Rahim Yar Khan Ph: 068-5001260,  5871260,  0300-9605250,  0300-8675521
Private BS (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical) Tech
409. Nusrat Jahan College, Darul Rehmat, Rabwah Distt Chiniot Ph:  047-6213405-47,  0300-4350510 Private BS (Geography, Geology Physics, Math & Eng), MSc (Botany, Math), B.A/BSc, BBA and BS (Botany)
410. Comprehensive College of Engineering, Khayban-e-Nawab General Bus Strand Road, Sargodha Ph:  0300-6375346 Private BS (Electrical & Civil) Tech
411. Madina College of Science & Commerce, P-83, Millat Chowk, Sheikhupura Road, Faisalabad Ph; 041-8781144-45, 0331-8781144 Private B.A/BSc, B.Com/Mcom, M.A (Eng, Phy Edu, Eco), BBA/MBA, BS CS,
412. Soft Solutions College of Business & Technology, 60-A, Satellite Town, Gujranwala Ph: 055-3821300, 0301-
Private MSc (Psy) and B.Com
413. Agile Institute of Rehablitation Sciences, 75-A, Muhammadia Colony, Noor Mahal Road, Bahawalpur Ph: 068-5005781,  0321-2319576,  0300-2192618 Private DPT
414. National Law College, 142- Ali Block, Garden Town Lahore Ph: 042-35880304, 0333-8051409, 0333-4049971 Private LL.M
415. International College of Higher Education, office # 20-215, 2nd Floor, Dubai Plaza, 6th Road, Crossing, Muree Road, Rawalpindi Ph: 051-4852484-5, 0321-5008726, Private B.Ed/M.Ed and B.Com/M.Com
416. National Institute of Higher Education, new Add= House # 79 A, Sultan Abad Road, Near BISE, Gulgasht Colony, Multan (House # 16, Opp Fatima Jinnah Ladies Park, New Gulgasht Colony, Multan) Ph: 061-6303355, 0306-4054252,
Private BS (Eng), M.A (Eng), M.Phil (Eng).
M.A/MSc (Isl, Eco, Math)
417. Jinnah Muslim College, Park Road, Chak Shahzad Islamabad Ph:  051-2615668,  0312-0312-5265737 Private B.A/BSc and B.Com
418. Bukhari College of Science & Commerce, Opp. Al-Bilal Resturant G.T Road, Jhelum Ph: 0544-271882, 271903, 623180 Private BS (Math, Psy, Eco, Eng, CS), B.A/BSc
419. ISLAH International (Institute of Social Sciences, Languages and Humanities International) 18-Wahdat Road, Lahore Ph: 042-35416694,   35413517,0321-8910245 Private B.Ed/M.Ed, BS (Isl, Edu Semester),
M.A (Isl), M.Phil (Isl, Edu), M.A (Eco, Urdu, Arabic, Eng)
420. College of advanced Management Sciences, House No. 35, Block H-3 Johar Town, Lahore Ph: 0346-8691622,042- 35311595 Private B.Com, BBA/MBA, BS (IT, SE), MSc
421. Alizium Post Graduate College, Alizium School & Colllege, Lodhran Ph: 0608-364670, 0301-7719162 Private BSc, MA (Eng, urdu, Eco, Isl, Edu) and B.Ed/M.Ed
422. Sadiqabad College of Technology, K-L-P Road, Sadiq Abad, Ph: 068-5703811, 0300-8678722 Private BS (Mechanical Tech)
423. Governemnt Degree College (Boys), Chak Beli Khan, Rawalpindi Ph: 051-4210080, 0300-2896779 Private B.A/BSc NP
424. Sultana Foundation Institute of Management   Sciences, (SFIMS) Farash Town, Lehtrar Road, Islamabad 0321- 5139095, 051-2618218, 2618201-6 Private M.Com and MBA
425. Faran College of Engineering and Technology, Opp Younas Petroleum G.T Road, Gujrat Ph: 0533-522110, 607082 Private BS (Electrical, Mechanical, Civil
426. Bahawalpur Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences, Bahawalpur, 2-B Light Industrial Area/ Circular Road Bahawalpur  Ph:062-2876160,  2884580,  0300-8681668,
0321-3851064,  0301-2390003
Private DPT
427. Meridian College, 3-Main Faisalabad Road Near 47 Pull Sargodha Ph: 048-3222280, 0334-1002280, 0334-1111820 Private B.A/BSc NP
428. HUNERKADA, 39-N, Model Town, Ext. Lahore Ph: 0452- 35160012, 35160339, 35161739, 0300-8444182 Private BS (Fine Arts), BTD, BS (Graphic Design, Multimedia Ceramic, Sculpture)
429. Pak Vision College, 8-College Block Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore Ph: 0313-4053384, 0300-9455894 Private B.Ed/M.Ed, B.A/BSc, B.Com/M.Com,
M.A (Mass Com, Phy Edu, Sociology, Psy, Eng, Eco) and ADCP
430. Mamoona Post Graduate College for Women, 8/A-1, Bosan Road, Multan Ph: 061-6212092, 6212093 Private BS (Chem, Psy, Eng)
431. Ideal College of Science For Boys, Ghang Road, Street No. 1 Sheikhpura Ph: 056-3885511, 0301-4544227 Private B.A/BSc N.P with CS
432. Government College for Elementary Teachers, Sahiwal Ph: 0333-6303210,  040-4500095 Public M.A (Phy Edu)
433. Government Institute of Commerce(Women), Jalalpur Jattan Road, Gujrat Ph: 053-9260132, 9260133 Public B.Com
434. Punjab College, 3-KM Main G.T Road, Gujar Khan Ph: 051- 3511813-5,  255246 Private B.A/BSc, M.A (Eco, Eng), MBA and MSc (Physics, Math)
435. Abul Qasim College of Commerce & Education, Near Town Committee College Road, Taunsa Sharif, Distt D.G Khan Ph; 064-2602693,  0300-6860095 Private B.com
436. Al-Mizan Instiute of Legal Studies,
Al-Mizan complex Gilani Avenue Motorway Chowk, Ghangi Syedan,  Islamabad
Private LL.M
437. The Nobles College of Education, Makhdoom Rashid, 1794/A-1, Peer Khurshid Colony, Near Al-Hamra Bakery Multan Ph: 061-6211004-4592122 Private B.Ed/M.Ed and M.Phil (Edu, Urdu, Isl), MA (Phy Edu)
438. Royal College of Physiotheray, Shahbaz Pur Road, Rahim Yar Khan Ph: 068-5874861,5876113 0302-7800131 Private DPT
439. Pak Polytechnic Institute, 32 Civic Center, Moon Market Dubai Chowk, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore Ph: 042- 37808017,  0332-5468147 Private BS (Electrical, Mecanical, Civil)
440. Nimble Institute of Modern Studies, College Road, opposite Rescue 15,Daska, Ph: 0526-618844, 0332-2963434 Private B.Com/M.Com, B.A/BSc, BBA, MSc (IT), M.A (Eng), B.Ed
441. Pak College, Faisalabad Road, Chiniot, Ph: 047-6335172, 0321-7610507 Private BA/BSc, M.A (Eng), BS (CS), BS
442. Imperial College of Engineering, 6-Allama Iqbal Road, Bohrdwala Chowk, Near Railway Station, Lahore Ph: 0423- 6291631-2 Private BS (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical)
443. Government College for Elementary Teachers, Narowal Ph: 0542-412393, 0300-7764252,   0336-4609484, 0307-
Public M.A (Phy Edu, English, Urdu)
444. Bright Career College, Near Lari Adda Ketchery Road, Ahmad Pur East Distt Bahawapur Ph: 062-2274076, 0300- 8282434 Private MA (Phy Edu)
445. Punjab College of Science, Darya Khan Road, Bhakkar Ph: 0453-514441-2,  03334-9959995 Private B.A/BSc
446. Iqra College, Church Road, Faisal Town, Mian Channu Ph: 0300-2031899,  065-2662030 Private B.Ed and M.A/MSc (Eng, IT, Phy), M.Ed
447. Superior College, Muhammad Tufail Anwar Sahiwal Road, Pakpattan Ph: 0457-352012-14 Private M.A (Eng, Eco, Math)
448. Oxbridge College, New Add=Machli Mandi, Near National Bank, Main Branch, Kasur
Old Add=Khara Chungi Raiwind Road, Kasur Ph: 0492- 760018,  0300-4868477,  0345-6368268,  0345-4568562
Private M.A (Eng, Phy Edu, Sociology), B.A/BSc, MA/MSc (IT, Urdu, Isl)
449. Suffah College of Education & Commerce, Ghalla Mandi, Bypass Road,Minchinabad, Bahawal Nagar Ph: 063- 2751223,  0332-6201984 Private MSc (IT), M.A (Eng, Urdu)
450. Punjab College of Sciecne, 3-KM Chakwal Road, Talagang Distt. Chakwal Ph: 0543-411726, 0301-5779526, 0301-
5691526,  0321-2311111
Private B.A/BSc and B.Com
451. City Law College, 124-Allama Iqbal Road, Lahore Ph: 042- 3636539,  36364309, Private LL.M
452. Superior College, Ali Town, PAF road, Mianwali Ph; 0459- 35033, 3502222, 0336-3234888 private B.A/BSc
453. Government College for Elementary Teachers, H/9, Islamabad  Ph:4448026 Public MA (Phy Edu)
454. Federal Institue of Health Sciences, 12 & 13 Karim Block Main Wahdat Road, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore 042- 35419444-35412111 Private DPT
455. Government College for Elementary, kot lakhpat, Lahore Ph: 0333-4209750, Ch Manzoor Public M.A (Phy Edu)
456. Government College for Elementary Teachers, Bosan Road, Multan Ph: 061-9210211, 061-9210398, 0301-7489805 Public MA (Phy Edu)
457. Sohawa College for Girls, G.T Road, Sohawa, Opp, National Bank of Pakistan Distt  Jhelum Ph: 0544-710550 Private B.A/BSc
458. ILM College, Gujrat Bypass Near Noon Sugar Mills, Bhalwal Distt. Sargodha Ph: 048-8005211, 0333-6795382, 0333-
77229772-3,  0336-3197777,  0333-6795382
Private B.A/BSc, B.Com, M.A (Urdu, Eng)
459. Centre for Advance Research in English (CARE), Street No. 9, Jatala Town, Barbar Road, Mian Channu Ph; 0300- 7838603 Private MA (Eng)
460. Government College for Boys, Sahiwal Sargodha Ph: 048- 6012016,  0306-8851482 Public B.A/BSc
461. Super wings College, Daultala, Tehsil Gujar Khan distt Rawalpindi Ph: 0513-597449, 0344-5358101 private BS (Math)
462. Superior College, Ajnala Road, Near Sabrina Marriage Hall, Bhalwal Ph; 048-6644470-71 private B.A/BSc,B.Com and M.A (Eng)
463. Punjab College, Pakpattan Bypass Depalpur Tehsil Depalpur Distt Okara PH: 044-4541040, 0322-6959000 Private B.A/BSc, BS (Botany, Chemistry, Math, CS) and M.A (English)
464. Pakistan College, In front of Disctrict Council, Jauharabad Ph:  0300-9606961 private M.A (Phy Edu)
465. Kharian College of Commerce & Computer Sciences, opp Lahore Bus Stop G.T Road, Kharrian Ph; 053-7601015, 0345- 8494122 Private B.A/BSc, M.A/MSc (Urdu, Eco, Math, Eng, Phy Edu) and B.Ed/M.Ed
466. Litra Valley College for Girls, Bukhari Chowk, Jhango Ariala Jhelum Ph: 0544-658868, 0544-621910 private B.A and B.Com
467. Wise College, Minar Road, Mailsi Ph:  Ph: 0306-4999968, 067-3600088 private B.A/BSc NP, B.Ed/M.Ed and M.A (Sociology)
468. Government Girls Degree College, Miani, Tehsil Bhera Distt Sargodha Ph: 048-6796323, 0345-5865687 Public B.A/BSc
469. International Educational Complex, 28/A Civil Line Muzaffar Garh Road, Jauharabad Distt Khushab Ph: 0454-720086, 0321-6234513 Private B.Ed/M.Ed
470. Dar-ul-Uloom Muhammadia Ghosia, DMG, P.O Bhera Distt Sargodha Ph: 0300-5367700 Private BS (Isl, CS, Eco) andM.A (Isl, Eco, Arabic)
471. South Punjab  Institute of Science & Technology (SPIST), Jampur Road, Dera Ghazi Khan Ph: 064-2470327,0307- 7863554 Private B.A/BSc, M.A/MSc (Botany, Zoology, Chem, Math, Sociology, Physics, IT, Eng), BS (Eng, Botany, Zoology, Chem, CS, IT, Math, Physics, Sociology), M.Phil (Eng, Botany, Zoology, Chem, Math)
472. Punjab College, Bypass Road Near Sadar Thana, Patooki Ph: 049-442094, 0305-4090600, 0333-5989804 (Imran Admin
Private BS (CS), M.A (Eng, Isl, Eco)
473. Shahab College of Commerce & Sciences, New College Road, Shahkot Ph: 056-312723 Private B.A/BSc, M.A (Phy Edu, Eng, Eco)
474. Askarian Post Graduate College, Kallar Kahar Chowk PAF Base Road, Kallar Kahar Distt Chakwal Ph; 0333-5111185 0323-5111185,  0543-588185-6 Private B.A/BSc, B.Ed/M.Ed, M.A (Eng)
475. Al-Rehman Girls Degree College, Village Post Office, Thanil Kamal Distt Chakwal Ph: 0543-5396110 Private B.A/BSc, B.Ed, M.A (Eco, Math, Eng)
476. Jinnah Institute of Health Sciences, 465-C, Opp Jinnah Park, Main Gate Shah Rukh-e-Alam Colony, Multan Ph: 0333- 6163727,  061-6778293,  0313-4545675 Private DPT
477. Ghazali College, Mandi Gujrat Road, Phalia Tehsil Phalia District Mandi Bahuddin Ph: 0346-6478561 Private B.Ed/M.Ed
478. Government College of Commerce, 213-E Block, Sabzazar, Lahore Ph: 042-99238201 Public B.A/BSc
479. Government Dyal Singh College, Lahore Ph: 042-7234436 Public B.Ed
480. The Resource Excellence Institute, 271-A, shams Abad, Service Road, Near Chungi No. 09, Multan Ph: 061- 4570476,Principal Khalid Sb 0311-6777062 Private B.A/BSc, BBA, MBA, B.Com/M.Com,
MA/MSc (Eng, Math) and BS (English)
481. Punjab College for Boys, G.T Road, Gujrat Ph: 053-3531317- 18 Private M.A (English)
482. Tehzeeb College of Emerging Scieces, Near Sobhi Chowk, Faisal Town, Sillanwali District Sargodha Ph: 048-6532001, 0333-6789122 Private B.A/BSc, MA (Eng) and MSc (IT)
483. Muhammad Ali Postgraduate College, House No. CBA 1676, Opposite Gora Qabaristan, Attock Ph: 0572-702818, 0322- 8414141 Private B.A/BSc NP, B,Ed, M.A (Eco, Eng,
Phy Edu)
484. Government Degree College (Boys), College Road, Adjacent to Sports Complex, Thatha Argan, Jalalpur Bhattian District Hafizabad Ph: 0300-6525277 (Rana Maqsood Principal), 0321-8824330 (Fakhar Abbas VP) Public B.A/BSc
485. Government Institute of Commerce, Main Bhakkar Road, Darya Khan District Bhakkar Ph: 0453-253526, 0333- 8908076 Public B.Com
486. The Superior College of Commerce (Girls), Bhalwal Road, Kotmomin   Ph: 048-6682600-1, 0345-7781779 Private B.A/BSc and B.Com
487. The Superior College of Commerce (Boys), Bhalwal Road, Kotmomin Ph: 048-6682600-1, 0345-7781779 Private B.A/BSc and B.Com
488. Oxford Polytechnic Institute (OPI), Hiran Minar Road, Sheikhupura Ph: 0334-3613535, 0333-3613535 Private BS (Electrical, Mechanical Tech)
489. Jinnah Girls Degree College, Naushera Distt Khushab Private B.A/BSc NP
490. Alpine Post Graduate College, 2/A, Jinnah Town, Khanpur Distt Rahim Yar Khan Ph: 068-5577749 Private M.A (Eng, Phy Edu)
491. Punjab College of Science, Sargodha Road, Sheikhupura Ph: 056-3784401-03,  0331-4351041, Private B.A/BSc, BS (Eng), MA (Isl, Eco, Eng)
492. Hira Girls College, Bhoun Road, Chakwal Ph: 0334- 36502507,  0543-600200 Private B.A/BSc, BS (Physics, Chem, Math, Botany, Eng)

List of Affiliated Colleges under Term System, University of Sargodha. (2016-2017)

Sr.No. College Name College Address College Code
1 Superior College of Commerce 91-92-A, Satellite Town Sargodha Ph: 048-3223670, 0321-9479310 100
2 Superior College of Commerce 1.5-K.M, Faisalabad Road, Sargodha. Ph: 048-3221087, 048-3222384, 0321-9479710 100-1
3 Ahad College of Commerce & Technology Opposite New Tehsil Office Kot Addu Ph: 066-2241779 103
4 Superior College Muhammad Tufail Anwar Sahiwal Road, Pakpattan 104
5 The Global College 11-G Shah Rokan-e-Alam Multan Ph: 061-6777990, 0314-6151383 107
6 Multan Institute of Management Sciences(MIMS) 14-B/A Gulgast Colony Boson Road Multan Ph: 061-6750584-5 108
7 Government Ambala Muslim College Sargodha Ph: 048-9239000, 048-3710426,0345-8614426 11
8 Jinnah Islamia College of Commerce 4/A-C Peco Road Township Lahore Ph: 042-35970087, 042-35970088, 0300-9483666 112
9 Eastern College 84-L Model Town Extension, Near Faisal Town Round About, Lahore Ph: 042-5166203, 042-3516-1684 113
10 Rawalpindi College of Business Administration 7-A, Sarwar Road, Murree Road Rawalpindi Ph: 051-5120619, 051-5120651 119
11 Islamabad College of Management & Commerce B-8/1, Lane No.1 Officers Colony, The Mall Wah Cantt Ph: 0514511674, 0514541124 122
12 Federal Science and Commerce College P-42-44, End of Lane No.2, New Lala Rukh, Wah Cantt, Ph: 0514-513445-7, 0311-9581345 123
13 Askaria College Bank Road/ Canning Road Rawalpindi Cantt Ph: 051-5580091-92-94 125
14 Islamabad College of Management & Commerce CB-265- Lane No.6, Quaid-azam-Colony, Dhamial Camp Rawalpindi Ph: 051-5575448, 051-5578395-6 127
15 WBS College Of Commerce & Management 48-b Main Gulberg Lahore 1277
16 Fatima Jinnah College of Commerce 88-A Satellite Town Rawalpindi Ph: 051-4427262, 051-4420756 128
17 Superior College of Science Plot NO 258 Main Multan Road Pattoki 1282
18 Punjab College For Boys G.T Road Gujrat 1294
19 Jinnah Post Graduate College 202 Liaqat Road Opp Sanat Zar Sahiwal 1295
20 Punjab Degree College for Women Kutchery Road, Jehlum. 131
21 Trust College of Commerce New Rasul Road Mandi Baha Ud Din Ph: 0546-504929,0322-6620304 132
22 Ajmery College of Commerce Jinnah Road Gujrat Ph: 053-35240604, 053-3524605, 053-3524621, 0300-9626574 133
23 Comprehensive Punjab College of Commerce Near Masjid Abou Hanifa,Murray College Road Sialkot Ph: 052-4582751, 052-4569035,0300-7142092 134
24 Excellence Collge of Education 5-Main Delta Road, Satellite Town, Gujranwala 136
25 Royal College of Commerce Paracha Center Near Pace Main G.T. Road 137
26 Shiblee College of Commerce 19-A Farooq Colony University Road Sargodha Ph: 048-3726268, 0300-9604022 138
27 Shiblee College 9-A Satellite Town Gujranwala Ph: 055-3257381, 0553256312 138-1
28 zietech College Of Commerce 76-A Satellite Town Gujranwala 139
29 Farabi College of Commerce Lahore Road Sheikhupura Ph: 056-3792027, 0300-4742421 140
30 The Resource Excellence Institute 271-a Shams Abad Service Road Near Chungi No.09 Multan 1423
31 I.B.L College 66- Main (1st Round About Samanabad, Lahore Ph: 042-7530345-46, 0333-4191239 144
32 Oxford College of Commerce and Science Opposite Government College for Women Baghbanpura Wahga Town Lahore Ph: 042-6856686, 0321-4456650 145
33 Iqra International Institute Doctor City Zulfiqar Ali Shahid Road Near Khyanban Garden Faisalbad 1450
34 Din College For Women Lahore Road Chiniot 1453
35 Peak Solution College of Commerce & Technology 42-A Lower Mall Near Civils Secretariat Lahore Ph: 042-6665107, 0346-4964717 146
36  Commerce College Thesil Chowk Pinwal Road Near Pass Port Office Chakwal 1470
37 Government Institute of Commerce Jauharabad Khushab Ph: 0454-920038, 0300-6074452 148
38 Nusrat Jahan College Rabwah Chenab Nagar, Distt Chiniot.Ph:047-6213405, 0300-4350510 150-1
39 International College of Higher Education Office # 20-215, 2nd Floor, Dbubai Plaza, 6th Road, Crossing Murree, Rawalpindi, Ph# 051-4852484-5, 0321-5008726 150-11
40 Bukhari College of Science & Commerce Opposite Al-Bilal Resturant, GT Road Jhelum, Ph# 0544-271882, 271903 150-12
41 IT-HUB House No.133/3, Stadium Road, Sargodha Ph:0483768731, 3768732, 0332-1451845 150-13
42 College of Commerce Sultana Foundation Farash Town, Lehtrar Road, Islamabad 0321-5139095 150-14
43 Faran College of Engineering and Technology Opp Younas Petroleum G.T Road, Gujrat Ph: 0533-522110,607082 150-15
44 Punjab College of Science Farooka Road, Sahiwal Distt Sargodha Ph: 048-6786601-5 150-18
45 Punjab College of Science G.T Road Gujrat 150-19
46 Jinnah Muslim College Park Road, Chak Shahzad, Islamabad Ph: 051-2615668, 0312-5265737 150-20
47 Pak Vision College 8-College Block Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore Ph: 0313-4053384, 0300-9455894 150-21
48 Mamoona Post Graduate College for Women 8/A-1, Bosan Road, Multan Ph: 061-6212092, 6212093 150-22
49 National Institute of Higher Education House # 79 A, Sultan Abad Road, Near BISE Gulgasht Colony, Multan Ph: 0335-4849865, 0305-9703266 150-23
50 Pioneer Science College 155-Factory Area Sugar Mills Road, Bhalwal Ph: 048-6642691, 0301-6739250 150-24
51 Science Institute of Technology Mohsin Town, Jampur Road, Dera Ghazi Khan Ph: 064-2472350, 0300-7392400, 0333-6783600, 0321-7387077 150-26
52 Harvard College of Commerce adn Science Chur Chakki Stop Main Peshawar Road Rawalpindi. Ph:051-5460512. 0333-5130469 150-27
53 ISLAH International (Institute of Social Science Languages and Humanities International) 18-Wahdat Road, Lahore. Ph: 042-35416694 150-28
54 Scholar College of Computer Science 8-Shahra-I-Aiwan-Tijarat, Shadman Chowk, Lahore. Ph: 042-37571826 150-29
55 Soft Solution College of Business & Technology 60-A, Satellite Town, Gujranwala. Ph: 055-3821300, 0301-8421221. 150-3
56 NIMS Degree College 2-A, Block W, Model Town C, Bahawalpur. Ph:0300-9671223 150-30
57 Hira College, Green Town Bus Stand, Lahore Road, Sargodha 150-31
58 National Law College 142-Ali Block, Garden Town, Lahore. Ph:042-35880304 150-33
59 Punjab College of Science 1.5 KM, Faisalabad Jhang Bypass Road, Chiniot. Ph: 047-6333981-82 150-34
60 Govt College for Elementary Techers Sahiwal Ph: 0333-6303210 150-36
61 Govt Institute of Commerce(w) Jalalpur Jattan Raod, Gujrat Ph: 0333-6303210 150-37
62 Punjab College 3-Km Main G.T Road, Gujar Khan. Ph: 051-3511815 150-39
63 Alizium Post Graduate College Alizium School & College, Lodhran. Ph: 0608-364670, 0301-7719162 150-4
64 Abul Qasim College of Commerce & Education Near Town Committee College Road, Taunsa Sharif, Distt D.G Khan. Ph: 064-2602693, 0300-6860095 150-40
65 Al-Mizan Institute of Legal Studies  (AIMS) Al-Mizan Complex Gilani Avenue Motorway Chowk, Jhangi Syedan, Islamabad. Cell: 0321-5067088 150-41
66 Ramin Yar Khan College of Technology Nar Gharib Shah, Bridge Bypass Road, Ramim Yar Khan 150-42
67 South Punjab Instute of Science & Technology 6 K.M Jampur Road D.G Khan  064-2470327 150-43
68 Imperial College of Higher Education 84/C, Peoples Colony No. 01, Faisalabad, Ph. 041-8725647, 0300-6625647 150-5
69 Madina College of Science & Commerce P-83, Millat Chowk, Sheikhpura Road, Faisalabad, Ph. 041-8781144-45, 0331-8781144 150-6
70 College of Advanced Management Sciences House No. 35, Block H-3, Johar Town Lahore, Ph. 0346-8691622, 042-35311595 150-7
71 Hi-Aims Girls College 32-Civil Lines, Joharabad, District Khushab, Ph. 0454-720282, 0303-9642746 150-8
72 Faisalabad College for Women 79-A, Main Smnabad Road, Faisalabad 156
73 The National College of Commerce & Computer Sciences Chungi No.5 Multan Road Burewala Ph:067-3770422, 03216993998 157
74 The Summit College Of Education Jinnah Colony Faisalabad 158
75 I.T.M College of Commerce 4- University Road Sargodha Ph: 048-3722155, 048-3768975, 0300-5552676 163
76 ICON College of Commerce & IT Opposite Bakhshi Mosque Near Punjab Bank Katchery Road Chiniot Ph: 047-6330073, 047-6336161, 0333-6719428 164
77 HUNERKADA 39-N, Model Town, Ext, Lahore. Ph: 0452-35160012, 35161739, 0300-8444182 168
78 Sadiqabad College of Technology K-L-P Road Sadiqabad 169
79 Summit College Of Education P-41 Link Road Jinnah Colony Faisalbad 1692
80 Al-Suffah Girls College 5-Khyaban-e-Sadiq, Sargodha, Ph: 048-3224643, 048-3216733 17
81 Superior College of Science & Commerce Main Faisalabad Road, Chiniot. Ph: 047-65502004 170
82 The Professional College of Education Education House Government Colony Depalpur Ph: 044-4542393, 044-4540230 171
83 Allama Iqbal College (Boys) Government Girls College Road Chichawatni Ph: 040-5485488, 0321-6643590 174
84 Tehzeeb College Emerging Sciences Sillanwali Near Sobhi Chowk Main Shaheen Abad Road Faisal Town Sillanwali 176
85 V.I.P Commerce College Mohallah Hussain Abad Talagang Chakwal 178
86 Margalla Institute of Health Sciences Quaid-e-Azam Avenue Gulrez Phase III Rawalpindi Ph: 051-5596907-8 180
87 The Standard College of Commerce 3/530 Chamber of Commerce Road Opposite Mission Hospital Sialkot Ph: 052-4298943, 052-4601023-5, 0300-6146626 181
88 Punjab College of Science & Commerce Lila Road Pind Dadan Khan 1823
89 Royal College of Management Sciences Paracha Center Near Pace G.T Road Gujranwala Ph: 055-3840765, 0301-8440367 183
90 Raees UL Ahrar College 99-A 6th Road Satellite Town Rawalpindi 1830
91 Asia College of Commerce Near Admore Petrol Pump Gujranwala Road Hafizabad Ph: 0547-524432, 0547-521432 184
92 National College of Education Thana Road Near Madrisa Rafi ul Islam, Malakwal 189
93 Government Institute of Commerce C/O Post Box # 40 Near 2/KB Hota Pak Pattan 192
94 Muhammad Ali Post Graduate College House No.CBA 1676 Oppsite Gora Qabaritan Attock ph; 0572702818 1924
95 Government College of Commerce Shahdra Lahore Ph: 042-7910216 195
96 Quaid-e-Azam College 178/A Abu Bakar Block, Garden Town, Lahore, Ph: 042-35913461-2, 0300-8462491 196
97 Government Postgraduate College for Women Chandni Chowk Block No 22 Sargodha Ph: 048-3703323, 048-3723833 2
98 ACME College of Excellence Faisalabad Road Sargodha Ph: 048-3223398, 048-3223682-83, 0303-0679210 20
99 Kingston College of Science & Commerce 126-C, Peoples Colony No. 1 Faisalabad Ph: 0418716987, 041-8717833, 041-8716983 200
100 Dar-e-Arqam College of Commerce 74-A Opposite Kaleem Shaheed Park Narr wala road Faisalabad Ph:0412682074, 0412402054, 0412680610,0321-6611106 201
101 Pakistan College of Commerce & Management 48-Main Gulburg Lahore Ph: 042-35836736, 042-36147736, 03004700154 202
102 Allama Iqbal College Blooch Colony Goheer Estate Darbar Road Bahawalpur Ph: 062-2282339, 062-2011039, 0333-6351821 203
103 The Professional College of Education Katchery Chowk Pakpattan Road Depalpur distt Okara 2039
104 Suffa College 1-A, Farid Town, Sahiwal, Ph: 040-4552989, 0321-5115787 204
105 Superior College of Commerce (Boys) bhalwal road Kotmomin district Sargodha 2047
106 Suffa College of Commerce 2-A Farid Town Sahiwal Ph: 040-4466460, 0300-8659711 205
107 HI-Career College of Commerce 187-188/B-VII Liaqat Road Sahiwal Ph: 040-4222572, 040-4463777 206
108 Islamic Asian College of Management Sciences Dhulyan Chowk Mandi Road Dinga City Ph: 053-7400590, 0300-6604235 207
109 Quaid-e-Azam College 5-Railway Road Sargodha Ph: 0300-8462491 210
110 Quaid-e-Azam College Karmawala Town GT Road Okara Ph: 044–2528782, 0321-6952100 212
111 Ideal College of Commerce & Education G-6-A Stadium Road Sahiwal Ph: 040-4466845, 0345-7424111 213
112 Alpine Post Graduate College 2/A Jinnah Town Khanpur distt Rahim Yar Khan 068-5577749,068-5575410 2140
113 The Global Institute of Modern Studies (GIMS) 1-E Block-Y New Multan Ph: 061-6777990, 0314-6151383 215
114 Superior Science Degree College Block-14, Khanewal 217
115 Oxford Polytechnic Institute (OPI) Hiran Minar Road Sheikpura 2171
116 Progressive College of Commerce (Dis-Affiliated) 93/L, Faisal Town Opposite Stadium Vehari Ph: 067-3366668, 067-3015101, 0333-6275710 218
117 Government Postgraduate College Jauharabad. 0454920041,03336812302 22
118 The Limit College of Commerce 405, B-7 Stadium Road Sahiwal 223
119 Jinnah College of Commerce Near Katchery Jehlum 224
120 Punjab College Pakpattan Bypass Depalpur, Tehsil Depalpur, Distt Okara 227
121 Multan College OF Education 173/1 Near Board Gulgasht Colony Multan 2271
122 Govt. Institute of Commerce Govt. Institute of Commerce, Kallur Kot, Bhakkar, Ph. 0453-200929, 0333-1680297 23
123 Higher Education College Allama Iqbal Road Muslim Leauge Chowk Mian Channu 230
124 Bright Career College Minor Road Near Gulshan Ishaq Marriage Club, Mailsi Ph: 0333-6253265, 0333-6277659 231
125 Al-Falah College of Commerce Lawyers Club Building Bhimber Road Gujrat Ph: 053-3609095-96, 0323-7576883, 0315-2359084 234
126 Rise College Gulf Centre Near One Unit Chowk University Road Bahawalpur Ph: 062-2285150 235
127 Al-Suffah College of Commerce & Sciences 5-Khyaban-e-Sadiq, Sargodha, Ph: 048-3224643, 3214786 238
128 Jinnah College of Education Jinnah Road Gujrat, Ph:053-3516120-21, 0300-0231813 240
129 Hira Insitute of Management & Technology Suggian By Pass Road Street No 09 College stop Nain Sukh Lahore Ph: 042-37930419, 04237930519 241
130 Jinnah College of Commerce ( Rehman Educational Society) Burhan Road Near Shahdra Morh Police Station Ground Floor Ghulshan-e-Hayat Park Shahdra Morh Lahore Ph: 042-37922657, 0322-4132618 250
131 INAM (Institute of Natural & Management Sciences) D-31 6th Road Satellite Town Rawalpindi Ph: 051-4420894, 051-2831321, 0300-5193108 254
132 Heritage International College Bilal Colony Highway Road Near THQ Hospital 2598
133 Beacon Hall College of Education D.G Khan Road, Muzaffar Garh 262
134 AIMS( Aligarh Institute of Modern Sciences) 42-A Satellite Town Rahim Yar Khan Ph: 068-5870583, 068-5878492, 0300-9673467 263
135 Brook Field College of Commerce Near East Railway Station Farooq Abad Ph:056-2002309,0334-4447430,0344-8610206 267
136 Super Wings College Pakhral Building Near Shell Patrol Pump G,T Road  Gujar Khan Rawalpindi. Ph: 0300-5143414 271
137 Vision Institute of Education 87/C, Opposite New Sabzi Mandi Sha Ruken-e-Alam, Multan 272
138 Punjab College of Professional Education Multan Road Mailsi Ph: 067-3410666, 0300-7724177 273
139 Sheikhupura College of Commerce 99-A Katchery Road Civil Line Sheikhupura Ph: 056-3785703, 0321-4281783 274
140 Muslim College of Commerce & Computer Sciences 6/2 Civil Lines Khanewal Ph: 0652-556442, 0652-553822, 0333-6230835 275
141 NICON Group of Colleges NICON Plaza Liaqat Bagh Rawalpindi Ph: 051-4844625 276
142 Professional College of Commerce & Computer Sciences 311-B, Opposite Telephone Exchange, Gulgast Road, Multan 278
143 Commerce College Chakwal Tehsil Chowk, Pinwal Road, Near Passport Office, Chakwal. Ph: 0333-5005535 280
144 Royal College of Sciences Circular Road, Narowal. Ph: 0542-411600,0300-7766110 283
145 Federal Science and Commerce College G-K Plaza Bostan Road Chaklala Scheme III Rawalpindi 286
146 The National College (Dis-affiliated) 226-A Near Kehar Stop, Main Road Shah Rukn-e-Alam Colony Multan Ph: 061-6772728-29, 061-4549913, 0300-6306651 288
147 The Leads College 651-Main Service Road G-10/1, Islamabad; Ph# 051235412 298
148 SIMS (Sialkot Institute of Management Sciences) Shahab Pura Road Sialkot Ph: 052-3251771, 052-3241771, 0300-9618624 303
149 Shadab College of Commerce Abbot Road Sialkot Ph: 052-4265209-10, 0321-6106511 304
150 The Commerce College  Pattoki Old Mega Road, College Road Pattoki Ph: 049-4425527, 0300-4149725 306
151 Ghulam Muhammad College of Management 25-Ghulshan-e-Madina Sargodha Road Faisalabad 321
152 Comprehenssive College of Commerce & Management Sciences 2- Manzoor Colony Near 47-Pul Sargodha Ph: 048-322488-7 322
153 Comprehensive College of Engineering Sargodha 2- Manzoor Colony Near 47-Pul Sargodha Ph: 048-322488-7 322-1
154 Oriental College Near Central Jail Main Jaranwala Road, Faisalabad. Ph: 0300-761752, 041-8740182, 8740183 323
155 Pakistan School of Economics 4-College Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Wahdat Road Lahore Ph: 042-37441161, 0300-4153278 327
156 Jinnah College of Commerce Main Lalazar Colony, Near ZTBL, Okara 330
157 New Pak College of Commerce Faisalabad Road Okara. Ph: 044-2512433, 044-2551385, 0300-6954749 331
158 Hafizabad College of Education Near Caltex Petrol Pump, Gujranwala Road Hafizabad Ph: 0547–524743, 03016884344 333
159 Lahore College of Commerce Old Katcher Road Near Civil Hospital Narowal Ph: 0542-220760, 0345-4352687 335
160 Straford College 6A-Ali Block New Garden Town Lahore 338
161 Peak Solutions College of Business Administration 23-25 Griffin Hall, Facing Canal, Mughal Pura, Lahore Ph: 042-36810097, 042-36849468, 0346-4964797 339
162 Punjab College of Science 2-Khayaban-e-Saddiq Sargodha 34
163 Pakistan Adventist Seminary and College Farooqabad Mandi, District Sheikhpura. Ph: 056-3875503,3874632 340
164 Islamic Science Foundation College of Education Tehsil Talagang, Distt Chakwal, Post Office Talagang City 343
165 Punjab College of Science & Commerce 2-Km, Main Mianwali Road, Jauharabad, Distt Khushab 345
166 Govt Institute of Commerce for Women House # 27, Dera Khan Zaman, Near MCB, PAF Road, Mianwali 35
167 Punjab College of Science & Commerce 3 Meela Chowak Sanjwal Road, Attock Ph: 057-2019019, 0333-7776562 354
168 Wanhar College of Education Kam ShaheedChowk, Vill & P.O Bunchal Kalan, Tehsil Kallar Kahar, Distt Chakwal.Ph:0333-5208862, 053-587680 355
169 Ideal College of Education Opposite Graduate College, Rawalpindi Road, Chakwal 358
170 Cambridge College Lahore Sargodha Road,Sheikhpura,
171 Standard College of Commerce & Business Administration Jasar Bypass Narowal Ph: 0542-414130-414143 368
172 Pioneer College of Commerce Mandi Town Bhakkar, Ph: 0453-511284, 0345-9834918 37
173 The Standard College Of Business Administration Circular Road Neal Able Plaza Sialkot 375
174 Accounting Point College B-314/23, New Lala Rukh, Near Barrier 3, Opp CB Ground, Wah Cantt 380
175 Al Syed College of Commerce 63-E Moulana Shoukat Ali Road Jouhar Town, Lahore. Ph:042-35000448 381
176 Lahore Institute of Social Sciences 91-Babar Block New Garden Town 042-358377339 , 35852591 Lahore 382
177 Pakistan College of Law 46-Tipu Block, New Garden Town, Lahore. Ph: 042-35831838,35831801, 384
178 JFK Institute of Technology & Management Office 5, Floor 3, Ahmad Plaza, I-8 Markaz 389
179 Ghazali Science College 2-B Civil Lines Nawaz Chowk Jhang Saddar 393
180 Greenz College for Girls 798-B, Satellite Town Gujranwala 394
181 I.B.L College of Commerce & Edcuation Noor Road Shakargarh 395
182 The Scholar College Of Education 11-12-13 Defence Town Sargodha Road Bhalwal 396
183 Apex College of Commerce Defecne Road Sialkot 399
184 Superior College for Boys Opposite Government College for Women Baghbanpura Sultan Colony Gojra Road Jhang. Ph: 047-7652375-6, 0321-4541525 400
185 Peak Solution College of Information Technology Zafar Shaheed Road Saddar Roundabout, Lahore.Catt 402
186 GLIM Institute of Modern Studies 22-D, Rashid Minhas Road, Model Town A, Bahawalpur Ph: 062-2888977 403
187 Superior College of Science Okara Road, Opposite Grid Station, Depalpur 404
188 Wise College Lahore 48-Main Gulberg wise College Lahore 405
189 Chishti College of Commerce 69-A, Main Naar Wala Road, Opposite kaleem Shahid Road, Ghulam Muhammad Abad, Faisalabad , Ph: 2698787, 03217844119 406
190 HI-AIMS College of Commerce & Management 174-A Satellite Town Sargodha Ph: 048-3214773, 0300-4509095 407
191 Al-Hijaz College of Commerce Chungi Kamal Chisti Near Govt College Of Commerce, Kasur; Ph# 049-2761063 & 03317082728 408
192 ICBA College Opp. Govt. Commerce College, Layyah 409
193 Al-Wadood Institute of Professional Studies Main Muree Road, Bhara Kahu, Islamabad, Ph: 051-2321728, 0313-5353063 410
194 Al-Haisam College Of Education Mohalla Chah Malik Wala Sahiwal 411
195 Superior College of Commerce Satt. Sira Chowk, Mandi Baha-ud-Din.Ph: 0546-571331-4, 0321-6466334, 0312-7342292 412
196 City Post Graduate College (w) Katchery Road OPP Post Graduate College (w) Jhelum 415
197 Paptech College of Commerce, IT & Business Studies Super Center, Opp Trust Plaza, G.T Road Gujranwala. 416
198 Government College of Commerce for Boys Mianwali, Ph: 0459-920114, 0306-3967363 42
199 Punjab College of Science and Commerce Bhoun Road Chakwal 422
200 Elite College of Management Sciences 69-A Satellite Town, Gujranwala. Ph: 055-3250150, 055-8203481 43
201 Oxford College of Commerce and Science Chichawatni Road,Near Shell Petrol pump,Kamalia, Distt Toba Tek singh; Ph# 0333-6000366 432
202 (CAST) College of Advanced Scientific Techniques Opposite Govt, Comprehensive School, Farid Town Sahiwal, Ph: 040-4553366,040-4557788, 0300-7676783,0300-9697297 433
203 PAK college of Commerce Uper Canal Bank,
Taj Bagh
204 The Leeds College of Education G-Block, Baldia Colony, College Road, Chishtian, Ph:063-2509090, 0300-6026031 445
205 Rise College of Science (Boys) 167-Pir Khurshid Colony, Opp City, Hospital, Multan. Ph: 061-6213346, 0300-4018402 448
206 Batool College of Commerce, Management & IT Mohallah Sheikhan, Muridke, District Sheikhupura: Ph: 0423-7990423, 0300-8434174 450
207 Wings College of Commerce Civil Lines, Jhelum, Ph: 054-4733667,0544-730785,0321-9573800 451
208 Lahore College of Pharmaceutical Sciences 18-Km, Lahore-Raiwind Road, P.O. Raiwind Lahore, Pakistan. Ph: 92-42-5330035-7 452
209 Iqra Girls College 3-University Road Sargodha. Ph: 0483213192, 46
210 Johar Institute of Professional Studies 34-KM Ferozepur Road, Lahore 460
211 Orient College of Commerce Darya Khan Road Bhakkar. Ph:0453-515889,0453-513164, 0346-7873802 461T
212 The Limit College of Commerce & Management Sciences 48-49 Aqsa Block, Karmanwala Town, Okara. Ph:044-25521778,0334-7443933 462T
213 Millat College Jhang Samanabad Toba Road Jhang Sadar. Ph:047-7623200, 0332-7623200 463T
214 Superior College 42/43, Block #20, Industrial Area near by Jhoomer Wedding Hall Civil Lines Jauharabad Distt Khushab. Ph: 0454-722696, 0300-6038189 464T
215 Saint Pauls Education System E-43, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi 465
216 Comand College of Modern and Novel Devices 20-Fateh Sher Road, Sahiwal, Tel: 040-4227489, 0300-4047272 465T
217 Comand Law College 89-Liaqat Shaheed Road, Sahiwal, Tel: 040-4227889, 0321-6916889 465T-1
218 Royal College of Education Main DC Road, Gujranwala 466
219 Superior College of Commerce Main G.T Road Gujranwala. Ph:055-3844831-4,0300-4280117 466T
220 Punjab College of Excellence in Commmerce Plot # 162, Jatyala Bridge, Near Gate #2, Kamra Catt Attock. Ph:0572-640023, 0332-5888557 467T
221 Sir Syed Science College for Boys Tipu Road, P.O Chaklala: 46200, Rawalpindi. Ph:051-5763106, 0333-5207012 468T
222 Govt. Emerson College Emerson College Road, Multan 469
223 I.L.M College Jauharabad 269-Sarwar Shaheed Road, Jauharabad Khushab. Ph: 0454-723167,722967, 0333-9825152 470T
224 Pasha Institute of Emerging Disciplines 21-C PCSIR Staff College Road Near Wapda Town, Ghazi Chowk Lahore. Ph: 042-35979209 471
225 Wah College of Accountancy CB-205, Beside Al-Rahat Bakers, Lalazar Colony, Near Barrier No.3, The Mall, Wah Cantt 472
226 I.L.M Colleg (Girls) G.T Road Dina, Jehlum, Ph: 0544-63066, 0300-5434128 473T
227 Modern College of Commerce & Sciences 239-Tufail Road, Lalkurti, Rawalpindi Cantt. Tel: 051-5586306, 051-5793184,0300-9560610 474T
228 Gujrat College of Commerce Opp, Model Town, Bhimber Road, Gujrat. 475
229 Allegiance College of Commerce 11-J Gulberg-III, Lahore. 476
230 Faisalabad College of Law P-357, Amin Town, Canal Road, Faisalabad. Tel:041-8753133 477T
231 Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Technology(PIET) Southern Bypass Road, Multan PH:0322-6716355,03336191410 478T
232 Prime College Railway Road Multan 479T
233 USA College of Technology Chani Goth Road, Liaquat Pur Distt Rahim Yar Khan 480T
234 Superior College of Commerce Darya Khan Road, Bhakkar 481T
235 Central College 1-A, Gulgashit Colony near Goadbagh, Multan 483T
236 Dar-e-Arqam College of Commerce 105- Stadium Road, Sargodha 484T
237 Pak College Faisalabad Road, Chiniot 485T
238 Faisalabad Institute of Science & Technology Main Jaranwala Road, Opp Grid Station, Faisalabad 486T
239 Sir Syed College of Education 4-5W, Housing Colony, Chichawatni 487T
240 Pak Polytechnic Institute 32 Civic Center, Moon Market, Dubai Chowk, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore 488T
241 The Noble College of Education Makhdoon Rashid, Multan 489T
242 Iqra College Church Road, Faisal Town, Mian Channu 490T
243 Apex College MCB, 9/145, Opposite Islamia Ground, Girls College Road, Chakwal 491T
244 Al Zahra College Sargodha 140-C Setellite Town Sargodha 492t
246 Superior College Jauharabad 42-43 BLOCK 20 INDUSTRIAL AREA,JAUHRRABAD BY PASS 494T
247 The Allied College of Educataion G.L.A Ch, Qila Deedar Singh, Gujranwala 495T
249 Lahore College of Information Technology Opp DCO Office, Sant Nagar, Lahore 497T
250 Foresight College Foresight College Near Shall Patrol Pump Sahiwal Road Pakpatan. 498T
251 Orient College Housing Colony, Kallur Kot District Bhakkar 499T
252 Rachna College of Commerce Ghazi Abad Raod Jhang Ph: 047-7009325, 0346-4025084 50
253 Apple college of education Sufi City Road, Railway Line, Mohallah Ghurrah, Mandi Bahuddin 500t
254 National  College of Education  Thana Road Near Madrisa RAfu Ul Islam 501t
255 Govt Post Graduate College Govt Post Graduate College Jauharabad Khushab 502t
256 Al-Suffah College for Women 5-Khyaban-e-Sadiq, Sargodha, Ph: 048-3224643, 048-3216733 503t
257 Punjab College of Science Main Mainwali Road 504t
258 Scholars College Cantt Near Takbeer Colony Chowk Kamra Road, Attock City 506
259 Bhakkar College of Education Opp. Canal Rest House Near Shell Petrol Pump Darya Khan Road 507t
260 Rahim Yar Khan College of Technology Rahim Yar Khan College of Technology Rahim Yar Khan 508T
261 Jauhar College of Education & Sports Science Tehsil Jauharabad Distt Khushab 509T
262 Government College of Commerce for Boys Near sports stadium, Bhakkar Ph: 0453-9200120, 0301-7954821 51
263 Suffah College of Education Minchinabad Ghalla Mandi bypass, Minchinabad, Bahwalnagar. Ph#03326201984 & 063-2751223 510T
264 Superior College For Girls Jamil Town Street No. 01 Block A Saim Pull Stop Lahore Road Sheikhpura, 511T
265 Nimble Intitute of Modern Studies College Road Opp Rescue-15, Daska Distt Sialkot 513T
266 Punjab College of Science Main Gojra Road, Jhang Sadar. Ph: 047-7652281-3 514T
267 Leads Universal College (LUCK) 1 – B Civil Lines Near District Courts, Khanewal 515T
268 Govt. College of Commerce, Bhakkar. Near Sports Stadium, Bhakkar. 516T
269 Lahore College of Science & Technology Main Mancharr Road Polot No 1 Ali Pur Chattha Gujranwala 517T
270 Wisdom College of Science Opposite PTCL Exchange Mazhar Colony, Depalpur 518t
271 Govt. Institute of Commerce Mankera Mankera, District Bhakkar 519T
272 Leadership institute of Commerce & Computer Science Housing Colony College Road Layyah Ph: 0606-412727, 03008765021 52
273 Tameer-i-Millat Institute of Management & Elementary Sciences College Road, Taunsa Sharif District DG Khan 520T
274 Imperial College of Engineering 6-Allama Iqbal Road, Bohrdwala Chowk, Near Railway Station, Lahore Ph# 0423-6291631-2 521T
275 Rachna College Canal Road Mureed Wala Tehsil Sumumdri, Faisalabad 522T
276 City Law College 124-Allama Iqbal Road, Lahore, Ph:042-3636539, 36364309 523T
277 Centre for Advance Research in English (CARE) Street No. 9, Jatala Town, Barbar Road, Mian Channu, Ph: 0300-7838603 524T
278 Superior College Mianwali Ali Town, PAF Road, Mianwali Ph: 0459-234888, 235888, 0336-3234888 525T
279 Government College for Elementrary Teachers H/9, Islamabad. 526T
280 Sahiwal College of Commerece & Technology Frooqa Road Sahiwal Distt Sargodha 527T
281 Government College for Elementary Lahore 528t
282 Government College for Elementary Teachers Bosan Road, Multan, Ph: 061-9210211 529t
283 I.L.M College Bhalwal Gujrat Bypass Near Noon Sugar Mills, Bhalwal Distt Sargodha 530t
284 Nishat Degree College Opposite Ali Trust Lethrar Road, Khana Dak, Islamabad 531t
285 Superior College of Commerce Bhalwal Ajnala Road, Near Sabrina Marriage Hall, Bhalwal 532t
286 Nims College Oppsite Rescue 15 Daska 540
287 Superior College Muhammad Tufail Anwar Sahiwal Road Pak pattan 568
288 Oxbridge College Near National Bank Main Brnach Kasur 569
289 United College of Commerce 15-Z Housing Colony College Road Layyah Ph: 0606-412897, 03008762360 57
290 Kharian College Of Commerce & CS Opp Lahore Bus Stop GT Road Kharian 586
291 Litra Valley College For Girls Bukhari Chowk Jahngo Ariala Jhelum 587
292 Peers College of Management Sciences Near Hotel Taj Palace Kutchery Road Sialkot Ph: 0523550822 59
293 Dar-ul-Uloom Muhammadia Ghosia Bhera Sharif Bhera Sharif 591
294 Punjab College Bypass Road Near Sadar Thana Pattoki 593
295 shahab College Of Commerce & Sc. New College Road ShahKot 594
296 Govt.Institute Of Commerce Darya Khan Bhakkar 598
297 Khan College Of Commerce Near Darbar Shaheed Muhammad Arif Ward No.5 Layyah 60
298 Civil College of Commerce & Management S-174 Dhamial Road Opposite Biscuit Factory Rawalpandi Ph: 0515575643, 03335107780 61
299 CSC College of Commerce & Management Sciences CSC College of Commerce & Management Sciences, Rawalpindi, Ph.051-5575463, 0333-5107780 62
300 Wings College of Commerce Jehlum Road Chakwal Ph: 0543-422930, 0543543209 63
301 Jinnah institute of Management Sciences 24-D 6th Road Satellite Town Rawalpindi Ph: 051-4457372, 051-4581784 64
302 Rise Lead College Near Kohsar Market Muree. Ph:0346-5237499 642
303 The City College of Commerce 431-D Peoples Colony Faisalabad Ph: 041-8730584, 041-8542278 65
304 Minhaj Model College Kamra Near Madina Town Kamra Cantt PH:0572642135 – 03455630652 – 03005604907 666
305 Hi-Aims College of Commerce & Management 174-A Satellite Town Sargodha Ph: 048-3214672 70
306 Jinnah institue of managment sciences District Complex Road Layyah 719
307 Bright Eaglets Qurtuba College Civil Line Church Road Jhang Saddar 729
308 Central College of Commerce (Campus-I) 58-A/ L, Gulberg-III, Near Kalma Chowak Lahore Ph: 042-5841071-73 73
309 Noble College of Commerce 93-Shadman-I Lahore Ph: 042-7554647, 0321-4013764,0324-9400207 74
310 Khazra College of Commerce 2-Km Cantt Road Multan Road Shorkot District Jhang 741
311 Ox ford Girls Degree College Pindi Gheb Near Old Janaza GAh Distt Attock 742
312 Aligarh College 42/A, Satellite town Rahim Yar Khan 749
313 M.A Jinnah College 67-Jinnah Colony, Faisalabad. Ph: 041-2643087, 0343-9664343 75
314 kahuta Institute of professional studies Ahsan satti Plaza Near Hadi Mani CNG Kahuta District Rawalpindi 758
315 Super Wings College of Commerce & Management for Boys Pakhral Building Near Shell Patrol Pump G,T Road  Gujar Khan Rawalpindi. Ph: 0300-5143414 759
316 Faisalabad College 344-D Peoples Colony No.1 Satiana Road Faisalabad Ph: 0418717643, 0412022911, 0333-6505201 76
317 Progressive Model College Of Commerce & Science 174- c Peshawar Roas Rawalpindi Cantt 764
318 Islamic Science Foundation College of education Tehsil Talagang Distt Chakwal  Post Office Talagang city 766
319 Ayesha Girls College Mohallah Station Road Fateh jang 769
320 Punjab College of Science Talagang 780
321 IMIT College 108-A Peoples Colony No.1 Faisalabad Ph: 041-8729933, 041-8555787, 0321-6605556 79
322 Shiblee College of Commerce 19-A Farooq Colony University Road Sargodha Ph: 048-3726268, 0300-9604022 81
323 The National College 1-Canal View Jhang Road Toba Tek Singh Ph: 0462-2513798, 0462-2511547 85
324 Jaranwala College of Commerce 8-Mehmood Colony Faisalabad Road Jaranwala Ph: 041-4316828, 0300-7217412 87
325 Chakwal College Of Education Girls College Road Chakwal 88
326 M.A Jinnah College of Commerce & Computer Science Old GT Road M.M. No.2 Jehlum Ph: 0541-62408,0544-628410, 0321-9511537 89
327 Muslim Institute of Education Anar Kali Bazar Mangat Road Hafizabad, Ph:0321-7465167 896
328 Pakistan Institute of Commerce & Computer Science Bilal Town Jehlum Ph: 0544-720160-61, 03009526027 90
329 Scholars College Cantt 177-A Sarwar Road Rawalpindi Cantt Ph: 051-4252164-65-66, 0322-8892304 91
330 Rawalpindi Model College of Commerce New Add 35-Lane No. 6, Harley Street, Rawalpindi 92
331 NISA Girls College 91-c Satellite Town Near Zafarullah Chowk Sargodha 934
332 Sir Syed College of Commerce Sir Syed College of Commerce, Sargodha, Ph. 048-2311397, 0300-6038390 94
333 I.L.M College of Commerce 86-A Satellite Town Sargodha Ph: 048-3222026, 0346-8620002 95
334 I.MATS College 221-A Satelliate Town Sargodha Ph: 048-3215524-5, 0483214376,0321-6073719 96
335 Advanced Institute of Management Sciences (AIMS) 543/ B, B;ock-A, Canal Road Peoples Colony Faisalabad Ph: 041-8540005 97
336 Madina College of Commerce Millat Chowk Near Habib Bank, Millat Road, Faisalabad, Ph: 041-8817932 98

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