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BA / BSc Syllabus Punjab University


English Language [B.A./ B.Sc.]
Islamic Studies (Updated 08-09-2010)
Pakistan Studies


Aero-Science (for P.A.F. College, Sargodha) Journalism
Arabic Kashmiryat
Applied Psychology Library & Information Science
Bengali Mathematics A Course
Biochemistry Mathematics B Course
Botany Mathematics General
Chemistry Music
Computer Studies Persian
Economics Philosophy
Education Physics
English Literature Political Science
Fine Arts Punjabi
French Russian
Geography Social Work
Geology Sociology
German Space Science
History Spanish
Hindi Statistics
Essentials of Home Economics Turkish
Health & Physical Education Urdu
International Relations Women Studies
Islamic Studies Zoology


Arabic Kashmiryat
Applied Psychology Library & Information Science
Astronomy Music
Bengali Persian
Economics Philosophy
English Literature Political Sciences
Fine Arts Punjabi
French Russian
Geography Sindhi
German Sociology
History Spanish
Home Economics Statistics
Islamic Studies Social Work
Italian Turkish
Journalism Urdu

General Pattern

  • The B.Sc. (Pass Course) Examination shall be of two years duration.
  • Users shall be a University Examination at the end of Second Year.
  • Each written paper shall be of three hours duration.
  • There shall be five subjects for the B.Sc. (Pass Course) Examination.

Every candidate shall be required to offer “English Language” and Islamiyat/ Ethics and Pakistan Studies as compulsory subjects carrying 100 marks each and any one of the groups of three elective Science subjects, each subject carrying 200 marks

Grouping of Elective Subjects:

  1. Physics, Mathematics (General) and Chemistry.
  2. Physics, Mathematics (General) and Statistics.
  3. Physics, Mathematics (General) and Space Science.
  4. Physics, Mathematics (General) and Geology.
  5. Physics, Mathematics (General) and Geography.
  6. Physics, Mathematics (General) and Applied Psychology/Psychology.
  7. Physics, Mathematics A course and Mathematics B. Course.
  8. Physics, Statistics and Applied Psychology/Psychology.
  9. Physics, Chemistry and Statistics
  10. Physics, Mathematics (General) and Computer Studies.
  11. Physics, Chemistry and Computer Studies.
  12. Chemistry, Economics and Geography.
  13. Chemistry, Botany and Computer Studies.
  14. Chemistry, Zoology and computer Studies
  15. Botany, Chemistry and Geography.
  16. Botany, Chemistry and Statistics.
  17. Botany, Zoology and Computer Studies.
  18. Zoology, Chemistry and Botany.
  19. Zoology, Chemistry and Geography.
  20. Zoology, Chemistry and Statistics.
  21. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Statistics and Geography.
  22. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Mathematics (General) and Geography.
  23. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Chemistry and Zoology.
  24. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Statistics and Essential of Home Economics.
  25. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Mathematics (General) and Essential of Home Economics.
  26. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Chemistry and Essential of Home Economics.
  27. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Geography and Essential of Home Economics.
  28. Applied Psychology/Psychology Botany and Zoology.
  29. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Physics and Chemistry.
  30. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Botany and Geography.
  31. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Chemistry and Geography.
  32. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Zoology and Geography.
  33. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Chemistry and Botany.
  34. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Statistics and Economics.
  35. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Mathematics (General) & Computer Studies.
  36. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Geography and Computer Studies.
  37. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Statistics, and Mathematics (General).
  38. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Statistics and Geography.
  39. Applied Psychology/Psychology, Geography and Economics.
  40. Statistics, Mathematics A. Course and Mathematics B. Course.
  41. Statistics, Mathematics (General) and Space Science.
  42. Statistics, Mathematics (General) and Applied Psychology/Psychology.
  43. Statistics, Economics and Geography.
  44. Statistics, Economics and Computer Studies.
  45. Mathematics A Course\Mathematic B. Course and Space Science.
  46. Mathematics A Course, Mathematics B Course and Economics.
  47. Mathematics A Course, Mathematics B Course and Computer Studies.
  48. Mathematics A Course, Mathematics B Course and Statistics.
  49. Mathematics (General), Geography and Economics.
  50. Mathematics (General), Geography and Statistics.
  51. Mathematics (General), Chemistry and Computer Studies.
  52. Mathematics (General), Statistics and Computer Studies.
  53. Mathematics (General), Economics and Computer Studies.
  54. Mathematics (General), Statistics and Economics.
  55. Geography, Geology and Space Science.
  56. Geography, Statistics and Space Science.
  57. Geography, Botany and Zoology,
  58. Geography Geology and Botany.
  59. Geography Geology and Zoology.
  60. Geography, Economics and Computer Studies.
  61. Geology, Chemistry and Zoology.
  62. Geology, Chemistry and Physics.
  63. Geology, Chemistry and Geography.
  64. Aero Science, Physics and Mathematics (General).
  65. Mathematics A Course, Statistics and Computer Studies.
  66. Mathematics A Course, Statistics and Physics.
  67. App. Psychology/Psychology, Geography and Physics.
  68. Mathematics A-Course, Economics and Computer Studies.
  69. Biochemistry, Chemistry, Botany.
  70. Biochemistry, Chemistry, Zoology.
  71. Biochemistry, Botany, Zoology.
  72. Biochemistry, Chemistry, Psychology/Applied Psychology.
  73. Biochemistry, Chemistry, Physics.
  74. Biochemistry, Chemistry, Statistics.
  75. Biochemistry, Chemistry, Mathematics (General).
  76. Microbiology, Botany, Chemistry.
  77. Microbiology, Zoology, Chemistry.
  78. Microbiology, Genetics, Chemistry.
  79. Microbiology, Botany, Biochemistry.
  80. Microbiology, Zoology, Biochemistry.
  81. Microbiology, Genetics, Biochemistry.
  82. Genetics, Botany, Chemistry.
  83. Genetics, Zoology, Chemistry.
  84. Genetics, Botany, Biochemistry.
  85. Genetics, Zoology, Biochemistry.
  86. Genetics, Microbiology, Biochemistry.
  87. Applied Psychology, Zoology, Statistics
  88. Physics, Computer Sciences, General Mathematics

In addition to the above combination of subjects a student may offer Computer Studies with any two science elective subjects to get the B.Sc. degree.

Before choosing a combination from the above given list the candidate must ensure the requirement for seeking admission for higher degree if required.

Note: – For admission to M.Sc. (Biochemistry only (a) and (b) combination was recommend.

The Statutes, Rules and Regulations relating to B.Sc. (Pass Course) Examinations are available in the Punjab University Calendar Volume-II.

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